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Review Horizon Tech Falcon

Discussion in 'Clearo's and Carto's Reviews' started by Sacred Vape, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Sacred Vape

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    Apr 20, 2015
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    Here it is the big one! The Horizon tech falcon tank, the hottest new sub ohm tank on the market. Billed as the best flavour tank money can buy, closest to a rebuildable for flavour. I have had my hands on it for the past week so I thought I would share my thoughts on the tank. As usual these opinions are from your average vaper and tank was bought out my own money.


    First thoughts are on looks for any tank. Visually, looks the same as any other tank let's be honest. Comes in a range of colours, but generally the tank is a bog standard visually sub ohm tank. The coils are curved however so that adds something new into the mix. Paint work is excellent and not had any issues with it so far.

    The tank comes with spare glass and a F1 coil with an M1 coil pre-installed, in a tall plastic tube type thing. It comes with standard airflow at the bottom and a slight screw top, with very little effort to screw off when you want to refill with 2 large fill holes also. Capacity is 5mils again as standard, so on the face of it, first impression doesn't make it stand out from dozens of other tanks on the market.

    Now for the tank itself. It is a standard 25 mm sub ohm tank so will sit nice on any regular mod. The drip tip is deralin and slightly smaller than some of the bigger more powerful tanks, which is not a bad thing at all as I will explain later. The coils are advertised as using flax paper and wood pulp to help with wicking and performance with the M1 coil also using mesh instead of standard coils which is the new thing in the market these days.

    The key points now, how does it vape? Surprisingly well! My comparisons are going to be with the smok and cleito tanks here as they are what I am used to normally for a sub ohm. The flavour is excellent and the vape is very smooth as well, much less harshness than I am used to from the more big market tanks. The normal level of power I have found with them is around 60-70 watts, with me staying at 63 and not having any issues so far. I have put a fair few liquids through the coil to test so far and the flavour is still strong, although the cotton has darkened, perhaps a result from using purple liquid? So it looks burnt out but quality is still going strong. This is where the Drip tip as mentioned is a good idea because the airflow doesn't need to be 10 foot wide, good average airflow. The vapour production is excellent for the power and the coil can easily keep up with longer draws. The negative here.... it will drink liquid quicker than your average tank. That is the negative I found so far, for the capacity you will be filling it slightly more than usual but not at an alarming rate so a tank full will last a fair few vapes before you need to refill.

    So, the overall impression? An excellent tank! I can't directly compare it to a rebuildable but in terms of performance; the tank blows tanks such as smok out the water. It really is a high quality tank and well worth a purchase. coils are rumoured to last up to 4 weeks also in many experiences so could well hit the pinnacle of the best sub ohm tank on the market.

    Appearance- 7 (no different to any other tank visually)

    Vapour production 9 (for its power range)

    Flavour 10 (for a sub ohm tank)

    Ease of use 10 very easy and well built.

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