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Review Eleaf Melo 300

Discussion in 'Clearo's and Carto's Reviews' started by Timwis, Aug 17, 2017.

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    Mar 29, 2017
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    Hi Apes and welcome to a review of the Melo 300 by Eleaf, which was kindly supplied by Zoe at Efun Top. Thanks Zoe.

    The Melo 300 is a high wattage large vapour production tank, so what's in the box:

    The box comes with the Melo 300 tank fully assembled with installed ES Sextuple 0.17ohm coil head
    A spare ES Sextuple 0.17ohm coil head
    A bag of spare o-rings
    User manual


    Some Specs and Features:

    Diameter: 26mm
    Height: 60mm/55mm
    E-liquid capacity: 6.5ml
    Thread type: 510 thread
    New ES Sextuple-0.17ohm Head for Ultra High Power
    Convenient Retractable Top Fill System
    Optimal Airflow for Massive Vapour Clouds
    Detachable Structure for Easy Cleaning
    The ES Sextuple coil is recommended at 100W - 300W
    Colours: Black or Silver

    The 6.5ml capacity tank is the version for review which can be found here: Eleaf MELO 300

    There is also a 3.5ml version:

    The Review:

    First i disassembled the tank and gave it a good wash before assembling it back again. The textured machining helped with grip and it both disassembled and assembled with ease.
    I saturated the cotton on the massive coil head with juice from the top and via the large wicking holes.
    Then i filled the tank with liquid sealed and drew on the mouthpiece until there was no more bubbles, i then topped the tank up with juice.

    At this point it needs to be mentioned i found the top fill system the best i have come across to date. It slides across with ease, it has just enough resistance to prevent it sliding open accidently.

    The Airflow is also very good again the textured machining helps with grip and it turns with just the right amount of resistance.

    The mouthpiece is not a 510 but is very nice to use.

    The 0.17 coil is recommended up to 300W, i don't even have a device that goes to that wattage so all i could do was look at a couple of other reviews to confirm although incredibly hot and why anyone would want to, it does vape at this wattage without a burnt taste ( in all fairness the reviewers only took half second draws (who can blame them)).

    I used the tank on my Aspire Speeder and although i only took 1 second draws i tried it on 200w. Although i'm not comfortable at this kind of wattage i was surprised by the flavour coming through it was very nice and although very warm it was not unbearable even for me.

    Then i tried it for a longer period at 150W and again being a 100W max vaper normally i found this very doable. Warm but not hot and the flavour was incredible. I also vape MTL at times because of the superior flavour but the coils in this tank are giving incredible flavour to go along with the huge dense clouds.

    I finally used it for 2 whole days at below the recommended wattage as i found these coils to be unbelievably versatile and wanted to see how it vaped on a lower wattage to save battery life. At 80 watts it is fantastic huge clouds and intense flavour. So if you are put off by the 100W - 300W range, don't be the coils perform great as low as 70W.


    The Melo 300 as the best flavour i have found in a sub-ohm tank to date and of course it releases huge thick clouds of vapour even using it at lower than 100W. I found 80W was perfect for me and i will be using the tank often in the future.


    Performs great at various wattages
    Sturdy construction
    Great flavour
    Huge clouds
    Great top-fill system
    Excellent airflow


    No RBA deck available
    Can't use own drip-tips

    Once again i would like to thank Zoe from and you can get the Melo 300 for only $17.90 here:
    Eleaf MELO 300

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