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Review Desire Design - Bulldog Tank

Discussion in 'Clearo's and Carto's Reviews' started by Vapin'Bolt, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Vapin'Bolt

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    Jul 6, 2018
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    Sure, to bite…

    Desire Design is here again with something which is sure to keep them coming on top again. The beautifully designed Bulldog tank, an innovation on the previous M-Tank. With its compact design and stand out the image. For me, desire just doesn’t know when to stop and this is sure to be a contender in the mesh tank department. Let’s take a look and see what it is all about…

    resize_DSC_1595.JPG resize_DSC_1596.JPG

    Out the Box

    The Bulldog comes in 5 different colour options for the 28mm overall tank, but, 24mm including Black, Red, Silver, Purple and Blue, with the honeycomb resin drip in the contrasting colour. The price has not been issued yet as it is still due for a release date to the public. But I can see this being in the region of $35USD, which is about £28GBP. This is a decent price for a new tank and a great contender

    The tank has a 4.3ml glass bubble with an extra spare glass which carries 3ml of juice so not TPD compliant until they issue a new design or bigger coils to compensate the TPD. There are loads of spare O-Rings and a spare coil, which is mesh and triple core.

    Along with the warranty card and all the other instructions to cover. Not a lot in this packet this time as it a sample test piece but I’m pretty sure there will be either a rubber spacer for the TPD when it goes on general sale.


    The Build

    The build quality is always good and it sure is a good machined bit of kit. The drip trip has been changed, yay!! Finally, its resin and it looks absolutely perfect with the new tank. The slide action is very stiff and over time it will ease but you can easily tell the quality of the O-rings.

    So, I’ve tried the tank in numerous stages a below;

    50w – once primed I ramped it up and it took a while to warm the juice once warmed it gave off huge flavour but small clouds and took about a good second to get any production really.

    60w – a much better production of cloud and flavour was still there and noticeable. Battery power lasted about a 3-4hours.

    70w – cloud was huge, and the flavour was cracking the battery only lasted 3hours, but it was enough you really need to be carrying spares if you’re out and about.

    88w – wow… what a vape its perfect, why the 88 well it was advised by a vaping friend to try so they knew what the tank was like as they vape at that kind of power. They aren’t wrong, but the battery is at 2hours max, however, a great 2hours of fun.

    The priming of the wick is really about 5minutes and it can be vaped in about 15minutes, but I would say make sure that you don’t overdo it because it can be very odd of a flavour and it can burn the cotton out big time.

    The airflow is really huge, and the clouds are produced well, which gives this a nice flavoured cloud. The airflow can be too big when it is on the lower wattages, but it still performs well. I had it open half way plenty really.

    resize_DSC_1598.JPG resize_DSC_1600.JPG resize_DSC_1601.JPG resize_DSC_1604.JPG resize_DSC_1607.JPG resize_DSC_1608.JPG


    · High grade build

    · Beautiful Resin tip

    · Huge clouds

    · Slide action, top refill

    · Strong

    · Perfect airflow

    · Great flavour

    · Easy coil replacement


    · Coils don’t have enough cotton

    · Coils drain liquid causing leakages

    · Condensation when half full due to small cotton content

    resize_DSC_1612.JPG resize_DSC_1615.JPG resize_DSC_1617.JPG resize_DSC_1618.JPG


    When Desire Design starts to market their equipment, they know how to do it. For me, Desire Design is a company who are striving for excellence in all departments of the vaping world. Their innovations just keep coming. This tank is one to have in your collection it's durable and is never short of cloud and flavour.

    Coming to the flavour I was advised by a close vaping friend to crank the wattage up to about 88w and see what production it gives. It sure is impressive, there are a few flaws in relation to the coils, but this is something which can be developed over time, but it needs to happen fast so that they can get the vapours buying into it.

    Now would I buy it? Yes, of course, it’s a decent tank however, they need to get the quad coils sorted and add some more cotton because I can see there being an issue with big-time leakages if left too long. However, don’t be put off by them as its only what I have found. Go out there and get it is beautiful.

    resize_DSC_1619.JPG resize_DSC_1620.JPG resize_DSC_1621.JPG

    Equipment/Products Used

    Mod – Desire Design X-mini - Red
    Tank – Desire Design Bulldog – Red
    E-liquid – Eurovapours – Strawberry Mangerine Ice – 70/30 3mg
    Coils – Desire – 0.15ohm Quad Coils - 88w
    Batteries – Sony VTC5a 18650 2600mAh
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