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Do you actually save money after quiting smoking?

Discussion in 'Petitions, Surveys, and Polls' started by tmrwilson, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. bern

    bern Postman

    Feb 22, 2015
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    Initially, any perceived saving went out the window on shiny. After that calmed down and I started mixing goo, the savings were indeed suprising.. I went out and bought a Goldwing with the proceeds. A knackered old one, mind, but still..
    I've since gone back to buying off the shelf goo, but still have change out of £50 each month.
    Having said that, I'm waiting for postie to deliver a Cthulhu Hastur, shinyitis is back!
  2. anthonyb

    anthonyb Achiever

    Jun 23, 2013
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    I should be so lucky. Fat chance of spending any money saved now, even less of taking it with me.

    The other half used to moan about all the shiny stuff I was buying, and I kept telling her I was spending less than I was smoking. It wasn't until I spent the best part of £10,000 on a posh motor, that she found out just how much I was saving.
    But now the cats out the bag, it goes mainly on "other stuff ".
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  3. Deaf Vaper

    Deaf Vaper Achiever

    Mar 1, 2018
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    Ah...well that the thing isn't it....looks as if you now need to hone your skills on deception! Having said that, bit late now for you!

    I don't have that issue mind, being a lifelong bachelor….but i'm still skint! So, where's does my money go, I hear you ask? Vinyl records...particularly rare and limited editions. Hoping to build up a nice 'nest egg', as a sort of pension for my old age, seeing as I don't have a regular one.

    Getting back to topic, there's more than just saving money though, ones health will see improvement, I breath so much better now, I don't stink of fag smoke anymore & the my family members don't moan about it any longer. in fact before I quit smoking, I used to feel more and more awkward just buying cigs at my local store. That was ever since the Gov required all shops to 'hide' them behind screened cupboards, and than plain packaging.....kinda reminds me of the days when blokes in Macs & hats, when in newspaper shops, had to ask on the qt, if the vendor had any stronger 'gentleman's interest' under the counter'!

    How times change...one upon a time HC adult material was illegal, but you could smoke almost anywhere without fuss. Now it's pretty much the other way around! :D

    Of course, we have the internet the 'thank' for that nowadays! lol!

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