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Vaping advocacy

Discussion in 'Campaigns and Social Awareness' started by artguybri, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. oORobOo

    oORobOo Postman

    Nov 4, 2019
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    Well that went down well. Sorry but these guys are right, the video doesn't convey what Projekt Fresh is even remotely and the entire thing seems like a promo.
    The language and delivery of information used is what I would expect to see from a bad sales person trying to sell an old lady a new roof or something. If you are trying to start a campaign you need to be personable to the audience, a softer tone but with a strong firm message that isn't laced with branding.
    Brian had a couple good points, but yeah it totally misses the mark, I still don't really get what Projekt Fresh is even from your reply and if messages are going to be put out in a unified voice, I really hope it's not like this.
    I also kind of think different people putting out different messages isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's not like any of these vendors or manufacturers are saying 'smokings great don't vape' or that people think smoking is a good thing these days anyway.
    And yeah, silly name and branding. Sorry but if companies are going to pool resources or something to do a pro vaping anti smoking media campaign or anything like that they need to hear this and do it properly.

    *I do commend you for trying to promote something that you believe is positive and will have a positive impact on the industry though, not your fault it's gone down like a lead balloon here/probably elsewhere.
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  3. Tamas Hegedus

    Tamas Hegedus Postman

    May 23, 2017
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    In my view this post is useless. Don't tak it hard. I've got no problem with you at all. I'm saying, because how is already here in this forum is Vaping, or intreseted on vaping. I don't know any vaper how doesn't tell the opinion to the smokers.
  4. WonkyFox

    WonkyFox Initiate

    Jan 9, 2020
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    I agree with what some here have said... that this forum is probably not the audience in that they're mostly the 'already converted' you're preaching to...


    as I'm new to vaping... I only did my first post in here yesterday... and just seeing this video now - it resonates maybe more with me that the more seasoned vapers on here...

    In fact it actually echoes something I typed in my intro post yesterday... that my attitude before I took up vaping was not "I'm giving up smoking"... i pretty much had zero intention of giving up smoking yet. I was just curious about vaping and wanted to try it out. No pressure, no plan, no "today is my last day for tobacco'' promise or announcement to the world.

    Its a month since I've smoked... But what has shocked me is that I have no interest whatsoever in having a fag.
    And none of the normal triggers that would have given me the urge to smoke are now making me want to smoke. None.
    And the option is there... there's cigs in the house (my other half is still smoking) but nope... no temptation at all.

    In all honesty, if you offered me a magic pill that I could smoke with no health consequences for the rest of my life... or vape... its a no brainer, I'd vape...

    I was trying to work out why it was so easy... coz I've been smoking since I was 14... (i'm 40 now) so I figured it should have been a struggle, and it confused me that it wasn't.
    And I really think its because I've side stepped the whole idea, notion, urge or feeling of being without something, of giving something up... which is a feeling that would have given me a sense of inner panic before.... even just talking about giving up smoking would give me the stomach knot feeling, like the feeling of horror you get when you realise you're out of fags and the shop is closed til tomorrow... the kind of panic that causes stress hormones and all that shit... the kind of stress hormones that might be a trigger for smoking.

    My other half is struggling to give up...he took up vaping a week after me... For the last two years he's been the one constantly saying "We should really give up smoking", while I've been totally resistant to stopping... adamant that I didn't want to step away from tobacco yet... and he's now struggling to really take to vaping because he's feeling that he's missing fags... he's got that deprivation feeling. Whereas I've never even contemplated that I'd be giving up nor depriving myself of anything.... so it doesn't feel like deprivation. And my subconscious mind isn't trying to convince me that life is shit without fags.

    So yeah, in fairness I think you've hit a nail on the head... one that really rings true for me, and one that I wonder might help other smokers who are mentally wired up like me to dread the idea of being without their cigarette crutch.
    But most of those prob aren't on this forum. lol

    Other than that... I dunno... the fact that this vid is part of a concerted unified advocacy voice or campaign sorta went over my head tbh... so i'm inclined to think it's probably no less or more effective at getting the word out there than any of the hoardes of bloggers, vloggers etc out there.
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  5. Grey Haze
  6. Richard Winter

    Richard Winter Achiever

    Apr 15, 2018
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    Very interesting read. @WonkyFox , exactly how I felt when I started vaping.
  7. pdg

    pdg Achiever

    Oct 24, 2018
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    I'm almost exactly the opposite to you / your situation...

    I wanted to give up smoking for years, tried and failed with every available option (with the exception of champix (too many side effects reported) and hypnosis (have no belief)).

    At the same time, I didn't actually want to vape and almost preferred the known risk of smoking vs the possible unknowns of vaping.

    It finally got to the stage where I was utterly fed up with every single aspect of smoking and vaping was pretty much the only thing left to try - and the more recent NHS/PHE/RCP/etc view helped in my decision.

    Put out a fag at about 2:30pm, went to the kids school assembly, picked up my new vape kit at about 3:45pm (bought at lunchtime, played with and set up during that last fag) and that was that.

    So yeah, I denied myself the smokes, but that was the intent.

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