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Discussion in 'Campaigns and Social Awareness' started by mr knight, May 30, 2017.

  1. mr knight

    mr knight Initiate

    Nov 20, 2014
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    Morning Gentlemen,

    Like yourselves I'm still slightly bitter, as an understatement, about the TPD sticking a collar & lead on the vaping community. The main gripe is the 2ml restriction on tanks which is more of an irritation than anything but I have spotted something that may mean our retailers have already indentified a means of ignoring the TPD whip.

    As the clock struck 12 on the 20th May and tanks such as the Cloud Beast became illegal to be sold in the UK, I was busy making the transition from tanks to drippers and in the following week I have spotted something unexpected while browsing the retailers listings.

    Whilst many big tanks died a death under the TPD guillotine, the only ones that didn't seem to budge an inch were either 2ml tanks understandably, drippers and more interestingly RTA's/RDTA's. It seems that providing the tank doesn't require pre-built coils it doesn't seem to be affected by the regulation, namely examples such as the Griffin 25 Plus, the OBS Engine Nano or even the TFV12 Cloud Beast King RBA version which are still openly sold by big name retailers and all are nearly triple the regulation size.

    Now reading in to other threads on this topic, it seemed unanimously agreed that an RTA/RDTA is classed as 'parts' when it comes in the box due to it requiring assembly by the consumer and as such isn't classed as a 'tank atomiser'.

    If this is indeed true then providing most vapers don't mind putting their dexterity through a minor workout once in a while then it's one slightly gentler kick in the spuds for us.

    This is a double edged sword as any rebuilder will agree that DIY coiling is much more cost effective than pre-made coils (and some would argue better performing) due to lower material costs along with longer service life compared to off-the-shelf items, meanwhile allowing us to maintain access to decent tank capacity that you could blow your way through in a matter of minutes.

    Thoughts on the matter?
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  2. Cliffyboy1962

    Cliffyboy1962 Achiever

    Jan 19, 2017
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    I made a decision about six months ago to only ever buy RTA/RDTAs from then on, as I never wanted to buy another stock coil and quite like building and wicking so, if this is true, then it sits very nicely with me. Thanks for the info.
  3. jude27

    jude27 Postman

    Feb 6, 2014
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    I called into a Vape shop in Preston just before the TPD kicked in and they were of a similar mind , that only tanks with pre made or stock coils were covered by the 2ml limit and I've been puzzled about it ever since, in my mind it means that any tank that has and RBA deck is not covered by the regs. As I, like @Cliffboy1962 got fed up with having to buy shit loads of different coils different for tanks,decided to only buy ones that were RTA's or had an RBA deck with it. Good news if this loophole stays open.
  4. Jon The Vape

    Jon The Vape Achiever

    Oct 6, 2016
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    Strange as I called into a shop last week and was told there had been some last minute changes and drippers were now included??
    Think even the shops are unsure of this fucking TPD
  5. MrTeaTime

    MrTeaTime Legend

    Jul 14, 2013
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    I think that a few stories put out last week by a few drama Llama's added to the confusion.....

    Nothing last minute has been added or taken away.....

    I think a few companies 'have' registered drippers for what reason I have no idea....apart from hedging there bets 'just in case' or the fact they had received false or erroneous information
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  6. SirLugg

    SirLugg Legend

    Jan 31, 2016
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    What he said ^^

    Tactical' information ' put into the public eye by some Cunt who stood to benefit from it. That's all these 'last minute changes' were.

    There were no last minute changes.

    Rebuildables, regardless of what trading standards and the ever so clueless cs agent that's replying to all the emails at the MHRA think, are not covered.
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  7. Chris K

    Chris K Achiever

    Apr 13, 2017
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    I'm very happy.

    I don't use any tanks with prebuilt coils, solely use RTAs and RDAs so with exception of restricting 7.2 Nicotine Concentrate (which I've found several sites still selling) I will be completely unaffected by the bloody TPD.
  8. retrorusty

    retrorusty Postman

    May 4, 2017
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    I had a guy in one little shop tell me that you could no longer buy single coils. I'd only called in because my baby beast had burned out.

    Later spoke to my regular shop and he called fooey on it. Probably just a way to make more money on expendables.

    I don't think half the people 'in the know' know any more than the next guy.
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  9. yappycat

    yappycat Achiever

    Jul 28, 2016
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    Prolly best to avoid TPD compliant tanks with stock coils atm if what happened to me today is anything to go by.
    Went into a shop, spotted a bronze Cleito EXO - realised it matched my mod as if it had been made for it...grabbed it even tho I know full well I could have got it cheaper elsewhere. Anyway. before I bought it I had it outta the box pulling it to bits - as ya do - couldn't get the tank section off the base, so I asked the guy if it was removeable - didn't wanna bust it before I even bought it and that. He said no, so I say..how the hell do you get the coil out to change it then? Use pliers he says. Think this is VERY strange but apparently it's to make sure the EXO is 'leakproof' as per regulation, *rolls eyes* So I get it home and attempt to unscrew coil with fingers so I can clean the thing before I use it...not happening, decide that pliers are a HUGELY bad idea and go to google. The freaking tank section does bloody detach, it's just needs a little welly at first to shift. The EXO works just the same way as the Cleito! And this guy is telling people to use bloody pliers to get their coil out!
    I did email the shop to tell them not to go telling folk to start wrenching out coils with pliers :16: Had I been a new vaper I'd probs have a busted tank and a bricked mod right now coz the people who are meant to be advising don't even understand their own products anymore :doh:
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  10. mannikon

    mannikon Veteran

    Feb 23, 2016
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    Nothing new about vape shop assistants giving duff info or advice. Or garages or diy shops or anyone unqualified ...

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