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2Ml Tanks

Discussion in 'Campaigns and Social Awareness' started by bluerobot, May 25, 2017.

  1. Chris K

    Chris K Postman

    Apr 13, 2017
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    Just checked tracking this morning and safely through Customs currently on there way up the M1 to local delivery office. It wasn't a particulary small order either (RDA, 521 Tab, 2x None TPD Tanks, couple of drip tips) yet seems to have got through without any issue.
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  2. Maniac

    Maniac Initiate

    Jun 6, 2017
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    i don`t get the hate of 2ml tanks. I currently use an rda as an everyday solution and so far i like as it is - i can change liquids and flavours. In 2ml tank you can also sorta change it - 2ml is not a big ammount and you don`t get tired of a flavour
  3. jay2

    jay2 Postman

    Dec 28, 2014
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    We're lazy buggers, i guess. :D

    But, seiously, in my experience (i'm extremely cack-handed mind) that moment when you (or rather I) refill your tank is that moment when things go arse-uppards , if they're going to .

    My current biggest refilling bitch occurs because i fel in love with the Nautilus X tank. Sometimes, somehow, it seems to be impossible to remove the cap to refill it without simultaneously unscrewing the coil, thus wasting juice and creating a nasty mess. And then sometimes, the cap comes off easy-as-pie, just like it's meant to . So that's probably just me. I might fall out of witjh Nautilus X, at this rate. However, , when it's working like it should, and you stick a powerful-ish (battery underneath it,(I mean powerful-ish for MTL. i'm using aspire CF maxx , atm, at low wattage, ofc) it vapes like a dream. I just wouldn't take it out with me, at least not if I'm going to be out for long enough to need a refill before i get home.

    I had this great idea , last month of buying a nautilus X extension kit, to turn it into it a 4ml tank, but, well, umm, maybe it's me? maybe i put it together are-uppards? i don't know, But that extended one just isn't a nautilus X anymore, but some sort of nasty hybrid that behaves really, really badly .

    Maybe the X, which was actually designed as a 2ml tank after all, only really works as a 2ml tank?

    Anyways, Aspire are selling extension kits for just about all their smaller tanks. They can sell the 4ml glass tubes and extension pipes without breaking the stupid law, apparently. just so long as they come in a seperate box from the tank .

    There's one way round the damned regs.
  4. Mawsley

    Mawsley Putting the soup into super hero

    May 14, 2013
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    You are conflating UK parliamentary parties with the block voting process carried out in Europe.

    Also, you fail to note how party positions have moved to reflect the change in knowledge and influence of vested interests over time. Of importance is the fact that an overwhelming number of MPs and members of the Lords ended up feeling that vaping had no part to play in the EU directive - but the Conservative party pushed through the adoption of the directive all the same. Tories, voting against the public interest because of the influence wielded by tobacco companies? Surely not.

    Just to emphasise one more time - that was the Conservative Party wot dun yur 2ml tank shizzle.

    UKIP didn't vote against it, the majority of their MEPs did what they always do: they turned up, filled in their expense forms and fucked off down to a bar. Maybe one of them would have said something rude, loudly in English - we don't know, we can but guess. It's probable they walked into a wall immediately afterwards. The daft bastards.

    And quite how anybody can get this angry about the Greens is beyond me. Do daisies send you into a fit of rage? Do you walk around punching small children when they laugh or popping their balloons? My god man, if this is what 2ml tanks does to you I'll see if I have an old Kayfun in the loft.

    TLDR: all parties are shit, be nice to small fluffy things, breath.
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  5. bluerobot

    bluerobot Postman

    Sep 1, 2016
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    The Greens don't make me angry Mawsley, far from it; the man shouting racist abuse at my local shopkeeper last week made me angry; it's just me writing on a thread expressing an opinion, just like you have on UKIP, which I found very funny, I can just imagine the scenario, please don't take it, me, or anything I write so seriously, there are plenty of things that really are serious out there in the world and my opinions and adjectives aren't one of them.

    On the graph I put on this thread the UKIP MEPs voted 3 Against with 6 No Vote, er, the 3 Against, regardless of the 6 pissed up MEPs in the bar, makes it an Against vote, come on man, when does no vote count as a vote? I'm no expert but that would seem to be an overall vote Against or am I missing something? Perhaps there's some existential truth I just don't get. You tell me , you're the expert.

    I do get the difference between MEPs and MPs, what I don't get, and this is the point I was trying to make, are the contradictions going on as regards the vote on the EU Directive by party MEPs and their party line/standpoint.

    The Green MEPs opposed it on the grounds of batteries and environment. My opinions on that I've made clear.

    I don't get Labor's MEPs vote for the Directive. (9 For, 1 Abstain, 3 No Vote) As I mentioned Labor has historically been the party of the working man, or nowadays the ordinary person, fair enough. Given that the ordinary person definitely has something to gain by quitting smoking why would Labor MEPs vote for the Directive? It was mentioned by the person reviewing the vote that the Unions get some sort of funding from big Tobbaco though obviously there's no way of verifying that, other than that I'm stumped.

    The Liberal MEPs voted for it, only just though with 5 For and 3 Against indicating a divided response. Given the savings to the NHS, a no brainer, but what do I know?

    The Conservative MEPs voted 1 For, 19 Against, 7 No Vote, thus swinging by the 19 Against the overall result to an Against result. Maybe the Conservative MEPs are enlightened souls with the best interests of humanity at heart and the Parliamentary MPs and Party are the Evil Ambassadors of Shizzle Inc.

    The others, (For 1, No Vote 1) who exactly are they? Perhaps the other people?

    As for the old Kayfun in the loft, thanks for the generous offer mate, but don't need it on account of keeping a picture in the attic.
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  6. LimeyBlue

    LimeyBlue Initiate

    May 31, 2017
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    As long as vaping isn't strangled here like The FDA is trying to do in the US of A States, it doesn't really bother me how big my tank is. At the end of the day, vaping's vaping no matter how many times we have to refill. Its still cheaper than the alternative.
  7. Rukaguy

    Rukaguy Postman

    Jul 21, 2013
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    As much as we've debated the 2ml tanks, I can't help but hate them. They are entirely Nanny-State-esque. They actually probably increase 'spillage harm' from more frequent refills; more bottles likely to be 'left open' by accident and also they take away from sheer freedom of choice. They're not banning vaping, they're curtailing your choices to make it potentially less appealing and supposedly 'safer'. It does neither really as you either just refill more frequently. It also has taken a large portion of money away from UK retailers by people purchasing online - as, even Amazon is not fully TPD compliant yet, yet alone eBay and FastTech must be raking it in.

    The work arounds manufacturers are doing with 'blocks' in the tanks that act as a converter into a larger tank is a good idea, but shouldn't be necessary as it shows how poorly thought out the original bill was to not even account for such ingenuity from manufacturers.

    This is NOTHING compared to the travesty of 10ml eJuice bottles; it's ridiculously annoying and very bad for smaller retailers IMO. It has suddenly skyrocketed the price of decent ejuice to anything between £10-20 for 30ml of eLiquid which is between 33p-66p per ML of liquid! Madness for people who drip, subohm or basically vape more than a stick pen. Thank god you can still buy concentrate and DIY One Shot mixes or I'm afraid I may have tossed in the towel... but I am quite sure they'll come for the DIY-er's ASAP.

    Children might ingest eliquid in larger bottles? Well - fair enough - they do smell nice and bleach doesn't - so lock them away, put child proof locks on them etc. We don't restrict whiskey, alcopops, liqueurs or wines to 10ml bottles and put child proof locks on them.

    Oh gosh, some mildly tinted liquid with 3mg/ml of nicotine could unwillingly splash onto someone's hand? Well - I'm sure the patient with end stage heart, lung and peripheral vascular disease who can barely oxygenate his mitochondria could have 'suffered' through a bit more of that.

    Let's not be fooled - this is all self-seeking nonsense to generate profit for the quangos out their who have set up shop to police TPD - it's a stealth tax on vapers because it's the future; and in the future, Tobacco Taxes are going to be dead. It's an utter joke that we haven't banned tobacco/cigs which cause oddles more health related, socio-economic, fire and property damage than vaping will or ever could. Yet, the tax generated probably pays for it all... and lines pockets in the houses of power.

    *rant over*
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