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World Cup Promotions - Big discounts

Discussion in 'Mist Electronic Cigarettes' started by freddo, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. freddo

    freddo Premium Vendor

    Nov 15, 2012
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    It's that time again, World Cup 2014 has arrived! To celebrate its kick off we've got some of our best promotions to date for you, take a look below and get involved. Please take a look at the full Terms & Conditions before you make an order!


    World Cup Promotions Terms & Conditions.

    Buy an EVOD Ultimate kit and if England win the world cup, we’ll give you your money back!

    Buy an EVOD Ultimate Kit anytime between (11/06/14 – 13/07/14) and if England win the World Cup Final Mist Electronic Cigarettes LTD. will refund the full amount (£39.95) to the customer the day after the tournament ends (14/07/14).

    20% off entire Luxury Range while England remain in the tournament.

    As long as England remain in the tournament the Luxury Range will be available at a reduced price of 20% off (£3.20) per bottle. As soon as England are knocked out of the competition the price will reset back to the retail value (£4.00).

    20% off all E Liquid when England win a game.

    The price of all E liquid available online will be reduced by 20% following an England win. For example if England beat Italy on the 14th June a discount code ‘ENGLANDWIN’ will become active at 10am the following morning (15th June). The code will activate at 10am the following morning after an England win. Enter this code at Checkout for 20% off E Liquid. The code will expire the same day at midnight. Offer excludes Luxury Range.

    Free 5ml E Liquid with every order when England win.

    Every order placed the following day after an England win will receive a free random 5ml bottle. Simply place an order and enter the coupon code ‘FREE5′. Your 5ml bottle will be added at the packaging stage.

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