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Wotofo No Tobacco Hunt Game!

Discussion in 'WOTOFO' started by WotofoOfficial, May 31, 2019.

  1. WotofoOfficial

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    Jul 26, 2018
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    Today is World No Tobacco Day,
    Wotofo now published the No Tobacco Hunt Game,
    Chance to get the prize!
    Enter rules here :
    1. Collect the 17 No Tobacco Badges around our site and email to marketing@wotofotech.com with screenshots containing the time you find it. Each of The 17 No Tobacco Badges shows a color variant of the Profile RDA.
    2. Do show the time in the screenshots for each badge you find, because the badges may move around dynamically. Screenshots without time are not eligible.
    3.Game duration: From May 31st (00:00 Beijing Time) to Jun 1st (24:00 Beijing Time).
    4. Each day, the first 5 people
    who finish the hunt get the $25 credit plus fast & free shipping (3-7 days delivery time), meaning the first 5 for May 31st and the first 5 for Jun 1st.
    5. Spread the word: Quit Smoking, Start Vaping!

    Winner announcement will be published on Jun 2nd on this page. For participants who collect all 17 badges in game duration but don’t win, you can get an 11% OFF coupon sent to your email address.

    *** The one on the right is a sample No Tobacco Badge for you to know what it looks like. This one is excluded from the hunting game. ***
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