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Ultimate Guide to Vape Atomizers, Everything You Need to Know About RDA, RTA, RDTA!

Discussion in 'WOTOFO' started by WotofoOfficial, Mar 28, 2019.

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    In the Ultimate Guide to Vape Atomizer – Everything You Need to Know about RDA, RTA, and RDTA we’ll be walking you through the different types of atomizers you can get for your mods and vaporizers. In the following guide we’ll discuss what the difference is between atomizers, how they work, and the advantages and disadvantages.

    There is no denying that vaporizers or e-cigarettes are extremely popular right now. Vaping is definitely flying high in a surge of popularity as more and more smokers move away from traditional cigarettes and instead look at vaping as an alternative.


    Warrior RDA )

    • What's the RTA?
    RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.Technically, most RBAs are RTAs, but there is a difference. An RTA has a build deck with posts where the coil or coils sit. Then a chimney is placed over the coil that extends to the top of the tank. The entire assembly then generally sits inside a tank which is full of e-liquid. As you vape, the e-liquid is drawn into the coil via the wicking material. They are one of the most common RBAs and the easiest to use if you like to move around a lot with your mod.

    ( Serpent Elevate RTA )

    • What’s the RDTA?
    – RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. An RDTA is a combination of both the RDA and RTA. Basically, an RDTA is an RDA with a tank over the top of it minus the chimney. The tank often sits underneath the coil, and the wicking flows down into the tank to remove the necessity to constantly drip e-liquid into the coil.[​IMG]

    ( Faris RDTA )

    As you can see from the definitions of three types of RBAs, each has its own disadvantages and advantages. Ultimately, you may try one particular type of RBA, but then decide that it isn’t for you. Your personal tastes and preferences play a big part in the type of RBA setup you’ll ultimately go with.

    If you are out and about all day with studying, work, or travel, then an RTA is probably going to be at the bottom of your list when it comes time to choose. However, an RDTA gives you all the advantages of an RDA without the hassles of having to drip e-liquid all day. If you’d rather fill your tank when you leave home and not have to worry about it again, then an RTA would make a good choice for you. It’s extremely hard to say, without trying them personally, which RBA is going to be perfect for you until you try it.


    Seven FAQs for RBA Atomizers

    To help make your decision making a little easier, and a whole lot stressful, we have compiled a list of the most common frequently asked questions which vapers have before they choose an RBA. Before you make the final decision to buy any new RBAs, it’s always a great idea to check their reviews and see what other vapers have to say about the build quality and performance of the RBA.

    · RDA FAQ

    1. What's The Difference Between Top Airflow and Bottom Airflow For An RDA?

    [​IMG]The RDAs with top airflow generally produce an airier vape which is also cooler because the air has further to travel and some of that air goes straight from the air holes and into the mouthpiece. RDAs with bottom airflow allows the airflow to go directly past the coil and produce a warmer vape. The temperature of the vapor directly affects its flavor when you inhale.

    2. How To Choose A Coil For An RDA?

    Ultimately, the coil design you choose will depend on the size of your build deck and how much vapor you’re looking to produce. Remember, the bigger the coil, the more space it will take and the more e-liquid you’ll end up going through.Try playing around with different coil designs and utilizing different types of wire for different vapor production and flavor production.

    3. What Mod Should I Buy For An RDA?

    This is another decision which will come down to factors such as how experienced you are, what your knowledge of coil building is, how much vapor you want to produce and how much money you’re willing to spend. If you buy a less-powerful mod, you’re going to be limited to the coils .This will result in less vapor and less flavor. It will also limit the types of e-liquid you can vape. If you buy a regular mod, you need to keep dripping e-juice.

    · RTA FAQ

    4. How Much Capacity Is Enough For An RTA?


    When it comes time to choose an RTA, one of the biggest decisions you’re going to have to make is how much capacity in the tank should I be looking for? It’s not a simple question to answer and what works for one vaper may end up being useless for another. If you have already been vaping try and work out how much e-liquid you go through each day because you’re going to be filling that tank every time that it runs dry.

    5. What's The Difference Between Top Airflow, Bottom Airflow and Side Airflow For An RTA?

    [​IMG]Like the names suggest, RTAs with top airflow design have the air enter from holes above the coils. Side airflow RTAs have air intakes or holes on the side of the atomizer. The bottom airflow atomizers draw air in from underneath the coil. From most reviews of RTAs, bottom airflow designs give you the best vaper and flavor production from your RTA. This one comes down to personal preference.

    6.What Kind Of Mod Should I Buy For An RTA?

    This is another decision which will come down to factors such as how experienced you are, what your knowledge of coil building is, how much vapor you want to produce and how much money you’re willing to spend.

    It’s handy to remember that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get a powerful mod for vaping. There are some great new brands and products entering the market every day. Read some of the reviews on mods before you buy and try to get a feel for what other experienced vapers have tried and what their feedback is before you invest in a new mod for yourself.

    · RDTA FAQ

    7. How To Prevent Leaking For A RDTA?

    One of the biggest issues facing many vapers that choose to vape with an RDTA is leakage. There is nothing more annoying than pulling your vaporizer out only to find that your e-juice has leaked throughout your pocket or bag. Not only is it a waste of e-juice, but it’s also a pain in the ass because now you have e-liquid all over yourself.

    The first and easiest solution to prevent any leakage in your RDTA is always to try and keep it upright. The way they are designed if you lay them over the e-liquid will often drain out through the bottom or side air flow holes. This may sound simple we know, but it’s not always easy to travel with your vaporizer and keep it upright at the same time. Another great solution to prevent leakage is to use a little more wicking. The wicking helps to absorb the e-liquid and will prevent drainage through the air holes.


    Ultimately, the RBA you choose will come down to your own personal vaping preferences and what you’re looking to get out of vaping. There are those vapers that are looking to build vaping setups to chase clouds, others looking for massive flavor production, hot and cold vapes and even vapers that are just looking for a basic vape setup that’s user-friendly.

    Think about what you’re looking to get out of vaping and how much time and money you’re willing to invest in your vaping. If this is going to become a serious hobby or pastime, then it’s worth investing in high-quality mods, tanks, RBAs, and equipment.
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