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Zathog RDA Review by Norseman

Discussion in 'Cthulhu Mod' started by cthulhumod, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Mar 5, 2017
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    I received this Zathog RDA free of charge directly from Cthulhu for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.


    This one comes in a tin can with the name of the RDA on the lid and what I only can assume is Morten Øen as a caricature. When you open it up you will find the RDA in a nice pouch, and underneath that you will find the goodie bag and an extra insulator plate for the coil legs. You will also find a user manual and a warranty card with a link to their social media.


    The RDA
    This is a 2-piece 30 mm RDA made for dual coils and it is a collaboration between Cthulhu and Morten Øen. It does also have a really interesting airflow and deck, which we will talk more about further down.


    The barrel got two different types of top airflow, one goes through the post and comes in from the side and downwards to the the coils, while the other comes in from above and goes down into the chamber. I can imagine that the form on the deck, with two half circles where the coils sit, is helping out leading the air down and under the coils to improve flavor.


    The top airflow ring is possible to detach to make it easier to clean. Inside the barrel you can see that it has double walls at the top and that part seem to be press fitted into place, meaning you can’t take it out to easily clean that part of it.


    The deck itself is really different with it being split into two parts looking like half circles where the coils reside. I guess Morten and Cthulhu has done quite a few different designs before they decided to stick with this one.


    It is super easy to build on, thanks to the deck being so big, and it can hold monster coils if you are interested in that. There is just one thing I had issues with when I was building and that was to tighten the screws. The hole for the screws aren’t just holes, they are bigger than that, and that in turn means that your screwdriver can end up on the side of the screw and possibly damage it in the process.


    If you look into the screw holes you can clearly see how much bigger they are than the screws themselves, and I think Cthulhu made a small design error in that part of things.


    After you have put your builds in, it is time to wick it, and boy do you have a lot of space for wicking material in this one. According to a guide from Cthulhu you are supposed to put additional cotton in the sides to cover up the space that isn’t covered by cotton already.


    The reason for this is that it will help out making the chamber smaller and lead the air to the coils instead of circulating where it doesn’t do anything good. And to be real honest, it does work and it does provide you with good flavor.

    It is 810 drip tip compatible and the ones I have tried does fit as intended. It does have a raised lip where you put the drip tips into it and when you are using your custom drip tips they might not sit flush with the edges on that lip, which can be annoying. It is also delivered with a 510 drip tip adapter for those of you that wanna use your custom fancy ones.


    So how does it perform you might be wondering right about now…? Well, it does deliver on flavor and I do mean good flavor, and my overall experience with the Zathog has been a pleasant one, no doubt.

    I would say that Cthulhu and Morten has succeeded to make a good 30 mm flavor RDA. It is easy to build if you look past the big screw holes that mess things up somewhat. It is real easy to wick, and adjusting the airflow is a breeze really.

    Can I recommend it to others?
    If you are in the market for a bigger RDA that also provide you with good flavor I can’t see why not… It is a well machined well built device with a different looking deck and it is easy to both build and wick, and to top it off it is also reasonably priced.

    Good flavor
    Squonk ready
    Easy to build and wick
    Can hold monster coils

    The holes for the post screws are too big making it a bit difficult to tighten the screws
    Can be a bit difficult to clean due to the double layer top part of the barrel

    Width: 30 mm
    Height: 40.3 mm without drip tip
    SS, Black

    Package includes
    1 x Zathog RDA
    1 x Extra insulator plate for the coil legs
    1 x Squonk pin
    1 x 510 drip tip adapter
    2 x Spare post screws
    1 x Spare screw for the top of the deck
    1 x Screwdriver
    1 x Allen key
    Spare O-rings
    Warranty card that you can extend by joining Cthulhu’s social media

    You will find it here
    Zathog RDA 2 for $36.99 at the time I wrote the review.

    Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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