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Ultrasonic Vaping Tech from USONICIG

Discussion in 'Usonicig' started by USONICIG, Dec 20, 2018.


    USONICIG Manufacturer

    Dec 3, 2018
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    Hello everyone!
    Welcome to follow USONICIG.

    USONICIG, presents its patented ultrasonic vaping technology to vaping consumers in Europe.

    Instead of burning or heating, the USONICIG products use ultra-high frequency vibration at 2,400,000 beats per second to strike the surface of the e-liquid, producing vapour at a lower temperature (about 155℃/311℉) and smaller molecular diameter, decreasing the risk of harmful chemical emissions usually caused by burning or heating at higher temperatures (above 240℃/464℉).

    Using an ultrasonic chip as a conductor, the “no coil” design also enables USONICIG products to improve users vaping experience by preventing the unpleasant taste of burned coil or cotton and dry hit.

    With these technical advantages, USONICIG products produce purer, smoother vapour, making it a better choice for vaping consumers who are undergoing Nicotine Replacement Therapy or are looking to gradually switch from traditional products.
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