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The Beginner’s Guide to USONICIG ZIP

Discussion in 'Usonicig' started by USONICIG, Aug 20, 2019.


    USONICIG Manufacturer

    Dec 3, 2018
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    1. What’s in the box?

    1* Mod 1*USB cable 1* User’s manual 1* Warranty card

    2. What’s the specs?

    E-liquid Capacity : 2.0ml (Max)
    Battery Capacity : 1200mAh
    Ultrasonic Frequency : 3.0MHz
    Charging Time : ≤ 1.5hr
    Size: 94*34*20 mm
    Size of Pod: 39*34*20 mm
    Colours: Black – Silver – Pink – blue – orange

    3. How to fill?

    Press the pod lock on both sides.
    Rotate the mouthpiece anticlockwise by 90°
    Fill e-liquid through filling holes.
    Mind the max line.
    Child lock prevent leakage.
    Rotate the mouthpiece clockwise by 90° until it is click locked.
    Wait for 10 minutes for fully saturated when first filling.

    4. How to vape?

    Click the button five times to turn on.
    Take a smooth, steady drag same as smoking a cigarette
    ZIP is a MTL ultrasonic pod system great pair for Nic Salts.

    2. How to charge?

    Flashing red light means battery is below 20%
    When charging, white light flashes when battery is above 20%
    White light stays on when fully charged
    About 1.5 hrs to fully charge
    Each pod has a lifespan about 5000 puffs

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