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Discussion in 'Cthulhu Mod' started by cthulhumod, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. cthulhumod

    cthulhumod Manufacturer

    Mar 5, 2017
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    “Everything about this screams quality” – Reviewed by Petabread on ECF

    “I’m currently rocking a dual coil kanthal build at .2ohm @ 85watts on the Praxis Banshee with bottom airflow open and side airflow half open. It’s had no issues wicking and the vape has been nothing short of amazing.” – Reviewed by armyfrog84 on ECR

    “This thing is awesome. Building is easy due to the velocity deck, the center filling method is well designed and works perfectly, and the flavor is excellent. The machining quality is top notch also, and feels like the quality of an American made authentic.” – Reviewed by nomer2

    “Got mine today and I’m blown away. Put a couple of fused claptons in it, at .29 ohms, vaping at 70 watts, about 4.5 volts, bottom airflow only, and probably the best flavor I’ve gotten from any atty, ever…my daily drivers are a hurricane, a sherman, mage rta, aqua2, and cthulhu v2 rta…this thing delivers more flavor than any of them, I think even more than the hadaly rda…amazing.” – by stormjib on ECF

    “First impression is that this might be the best vape I’ve ever had! No joke, this thing is way smoother than any RTA or RDA I’ve ever used. The draw is silky and the flavor is spot on. Wicking this thing is easy as pie. Filling it with the center fill port is slick. The option for side airflow is well executed. The threading is very high quality and smooth. The drip trip has a nice feel.” Reviewed by Shadowhand on ECR

    “I should start by saying that i’ve been vaping for a few years now, and i’m in it strictly for the flavor. I use only RDA’s and RDTA’s. This will be the 3rd RDTA i’ve owned including the Avacado 24, and the Mage RDTA. This is my favorite so far for a number of reasons: Easy Filling, Great Flavor, Satisfying airflow.” – Review by btolle89 on ECR
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