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Thanksgiving Gift – 2016 KIMSUN Latest Star Product SLIM 2 E-cigarette

Discussion in 'Kimsun' started by kimsun, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. kimsun

    kimsun Manufacturer

    Jun 20, 2016
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    2016 Thanksgiving Day is coming, it also mark the opening of the Christmas shopping season. What will you choose as your Thanksgiving Day gift?

    KIMREE, specially with the expert of electronic cigarette, just released its own brand KIMSUN's newest electronic cigarette called “SLIM 2”, it would be a definite hit in the Ecig global market. The star product is carefully created by more than 20 KISMUN ecig experts and engineers for half a year's meticulous work. Finally the masterpiece appeared in the last month.
    The KIMSUN SLIM 2 kit brings a smaller form factor and an array of different flavors which offers you more tasting choices, like watermelon smoothies, biscuit, mint, milk, whisky and etc.. What’s more, top filling design, buckle design and a whole host of other improvements on its predecessor. Specially designed 2ML disposable atomizer conforms to EU TPD regulations.
    More than six million smokers in the European Union have quit smoking and more than nine million have reduced cigarette consumption with the use of vapor products and electronic cigarettes, according to a new study published in the journal Addiction. KIMSUN will create more and more advanced products to benefit smokers around the world.
    It would be a perfect gift to express your gratitude to your near and dear ones. It doesn't cost much but say it all. It brings you and your families healthy and happiness. Share it with them. It would be a much better way to express your thanks to your loved ones.
    For more information or for any questions about KIMSUN SLIM2 or its use, please visit KIMSUN's website at [​IMG]www.kimsun.com, or email [email protected]. Welcome to follow @KimsunEcig on facebook.
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