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KIMREE’s Intelligent e-Cigarette Design SMARTANK: New Vaping Experiences

Discussion in 'Kimsun' started by kimsun, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. kimsun

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    Jun 20, 2016
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    E-cigarette manufacturer KIMREE released its own brand KIMSUN’s latest masterpiece – SMARTANK. Through intelligent design, SMARTANK is to create new experiences of electronic cigarette for enthusiasts.


    First of all, e-cigarette is wrapped with technological charm. With the development of the market, more and more professional consumers need more efficient, more intelligent, more humane product design. KMSUN SMARTANK is specially designed to meet their need and bring consumers new vaping experiences. There are three outstanding achievements of KIMSUN SMARTANK — Intelligent Smoke Temperature Control Systems, Intelligent Pressure Detection System and Intelligent Engine Pneumatic Control System.

    The Intelligent Smoke Temperature Control Systems is to adjust the smoke temperature according to users’ needs. Some consumers long for big high-power electronic cigarettes, but burning mouth often make them awkward. KIMREE SMARTANK can help them. SMARTANK integrates the latest technological research and development, and efficiently solves the problem of the STL category models burning mouth or affecting the vapor volume and power. Thus, smokers who like the large vapor do not have to worry about burning their mouths anymore.

    The Intelligent Pressure Detection System can monitor users’ smoking intensity and react to users’ needs with its automatic pressure control. SMARTANK introduces creative vaporizer chip control technology to let its Intelligent Pressure Detection System monitor air intake pressure anytime and anywhere. Thus, SMARTANK offers users smarter and more humane vaping experiences.

    The Intelligent Engine Pneumatic Control System can generate strong and continous energy with a low-power engine, which ensures all control activities. Low-power, high efficiency and green ideas have permeated heart of KIMSUN’s R&D projects. SMARTANK can adjust the pressure automatically based on users’ smoking habits, thus making vaping more smoothly.

    More information about SMARTANK, please contact [email protected].

    About KIMSUN

    KIMSUN is the international brand of KIMREE. KIMSUN all efforts are aimed at a better life. KIMSUN R&D center always follow a healthy and green lifestyle, building innovative products creatively and creating a comfortable smoking experience constantly with the updated intelligent technology.

    More information about KIMSUN, please visit www.kimsun.com.

    About KIMREE

    KIMREE is one of the largest e-cigarette manufacturers and solution suppliers, specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing of e-cigarettes. In 2014, KIMREE became the only e-cigarette company that filed with the SEC to list on the NASDAQ. Until the beginning of 2015, the company has owned more than 2,500 domestic and international patents, and was on the list of top ten filers of international patents under the Patent Cooperation Treaty applications in 2014, following Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corporation. KIMREE has made continuous innovation by cooperating with the Agricultural University of Hunan and many professional tobacco institutions. With its unique market foresight, the company has produced many series of e-cigarettes which lead the e-cigarette market on technology, material, appearance and package design and become a model followed by competitors in the industry. More information, please visit www.kimree.com.
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