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iJoy Asolo Support Temp Control with Almost All the Wire

Discussion in 'Heaven Gifts' started by heaven gifts, Aug 17, 2015.

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    Nov 3, 2014
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    IJOY Asolo 200W VW/TC Express Kit W/O Battery, is a small but extremely potent device, designed to provide a balance of both power and convenience. This device is powered by IW200TC-VO1 mini processor which provide intelligence power regulation. And it possesses many revolutionary features that bring senior vapers fresh but appropriate using experience.

    The major features are as below:
    I Update Temperature Control to Taste Control
    People actually don’t need to know the temperature. All you need to do is to take some puffs to find your desired vaping taste before switch to TC mode. Then keep pressing “T” button.
    II Support All Kinds of Wires
    Based on Asolo’s design, it can support almost all the coil material in the market.
    Ti, Ni, Ni-Cr, Ti-Cr, Kanthal A1, etc. It's the first and only one that can support Kanthal in the market so far.
    III Special Password Function
    Provent people under 18 from using the device.
    IV E-Liquid Indicator
    The indicator will flash 2 times when the device doesn’t have enough e-liquid.
    V Malfunction Alerts on OLED Screen and Protection
    Short-circuit, low resistance, low power and ect will have corresponding displays in the screen and make certain reactions.

    HeavenGifts, relying on outstanding service of many years, gets exclusive time period in advance.
    For more information, please goes to:
    IJOY Asolo 200W VW/TC Express Kit W/O Battery

    Noted: The product is not for sale now, so the price listed on the website is not final.

    Enjoy shopping at HeavenGifts!
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