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How to get best pricing at Heaven Gifts?

Discussion in 'Heaven Gifts' started by heaven gifts, Apr 13, 2015.

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    Nov 3, 2014
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    Dear all,

    We strive to give our customers quality products at a bargain. At Heaven Gifts, you can get Member discount, bulk discount, coupon discount, referral commissions, sales discount! A lot of surprise! The more information: How to get best pricing at Heaven Gifts?

    1. Member discount (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Golden members only)
    A registered Heaven Gifts customer can earn points from each order, when the points are up to a certain level, member discount will be available! Here is a detailed instruction.

    2. Bulk Discount
    It doesn't make sense that the price doesn't change if you buy more! It is possible to mix specified items to get bulk price. We remind you of bulk price before you checkout as well.

    3. Coupon Discount (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Golden members only)
    Have your earned many points? Go to exchange some coupons to get discount or free shipping! More coupons will come soon! Check out at here.

    4. Referral commissions
    Invite friends to register with heavengifts.com to earn commisions! The commisions can be withdrawed to your paypal account or to your deposit account! Check "Referral Program" to get more information.

    5. Sales discount!
    We will have promotion sales for holiday or any special days, including discount on products, on shipping, double points or............!
    Newsletter is a good way to get aware of our activities at the first place. To submit "newsletter-Promotion notice" at "My Account-Setting-Newsletter", you will get the latest sales information!

    Do sign in to heavengifts.com or register with heavengifts.com, or you will give away a good chance to get good price!
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