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Vaping and asthma...

Discussion in 'Tobacco Harm Reduction' started by ladygrace, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. UltraViolence

    UltraViolence Initiate

    Apr 10, 2014
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    My daughter has asthma recently diagnosed but I've been pushing docs for months. Even though we never smoked around her I've noticed a difference in her need for the inhaler since we started vaping. Made me feel quite guilty that we were probably responsible for it flaring up or the attacks but better knowing we've not only improved our health but hers too.
  2. BUCCY

    BUCCY Postman

    Jul 11, 2012
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    bit of a strange one for me ,25 years of stinkies never had a chest infection never had an inhaler ,and i worked in a place that used some really bad chemicals, think this is year 4 of vaping , got my first chest infection over Christmas 2 lots of antibiotics and now got an inhaler , i dont think its the vaping thats done it to me ,but i do think if i was on the stinkies i would have been totally floored by it :)
  3. cheersm8

    cheersm8 Achiever

    Jul 26, 2012
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    Reading this thread all seems to point towards cigarette/tobacco smoke being the cause of Asthma (to the sufferers contributing to this thread) Asthma is caused by an intolerance/allergy to a particular substance.
    For some it's pollen, some it's fungal spores (which makes autumn the 'bad time', some it's pet hair etc etc etc.
    So, before diving in and suggesting that vaping is beneficial for asthma sufferers generally, I'd say that it can be beneficial to those whose asthma is exacerbated by tobacco smoke, I doubt very much that vaping could be beneficial to anybody who's asthma is compounded by pollen or fungal spores.
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  4. Toby LeRôhne

    Toby LeRôhne Postman

    Jun 11, 2014
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    I used to suffer from asthmatic bronchitis. If I got colds or flu it would end up with a chest infection, requiring a course of prednisolone tablets (corticosteroids) to clear it up, I tried those Nicorette inhalers but they irritated the back of my throat worse than a really harsh throat hit.

    Since vaping I haven't had a chest infection, still go for my annual flu shot though and occasionally need by Ventolin (blue)/Becotide (brown) inhalers as I've had exercise induced asthma since I was a kid.
  5. darkprincelucifer

    darkprincelucifer Postman

    Nov 14, 2013
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    My guess would be that the vaping isn't helping your asthma at all and it's all down to the fact that you don't smoke anymore. Nicotine has to irritate your trachea/lungs, surely that's what throat hit is? But now that you vape rather than smoke you don't have tar and all the other nasties built up inside you, nor are you breathing in solids (ash etc).

    So yeah, I reckon you're right on the stopping smoking bit, but I have my doubts about the vaping helping it bit. I've always been of the mind that inhaling anything other than air isn't good for you (obviously inhaling some things are worse than others, but nothing will improve your health).

    Aren't asthma inhalers only used because breathing the vapour gets the medicine inside you faster than any other method, rather than needing the medicine to line your lungs? I'm not sure about that part but I have a niggling feeling that that is what I was told once.

    Doesn't matter either way though, it's just brilliant news that your health has improved!
  6. stryker

    stryker Postman

    Aug 26, 2014
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    Just to buck the trend. I've had allergy induced asthma all my life, up until about 5 years ago I'd get through a ventolin inhaler about ever 2-3 months. 5 years ago I had a big change in my life, stopped being a couch potato, drinking my body weight in beer every other night and generally became much more active, gym, running etc.... I've still got the inhaler I had 4 years ago which much be horribly out of date by now.

    Anyways, smoking lung darts never really affected my asthma too much if at all....

    Now interesting thing is I've been vaping for about 8 months now and vaping does tickle my asthma a little.... I'd not call it triggering hence the word "tickles". Still don't need the inhaler but thought it worth a mention... as I said my problem is hyper-sensitivity of the immune system and asthma is a result of that.
  7. p4t5h4rp

    p4t5h4rp Postman

    Feb 9, 2014
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    Having almost died from asthma when I was younger and having it the rest of my life starting on the coffin pegs wasn't the brightest idea, last year before I started vaping I had an attack almost every week, since starting the Vapes I can't remember the last attack I had, definitely an improvement in my opinion, and the nurse who greatly encourages vaping, but that's just me, I suppose it depends what causes your asthma
  8. twoeyedbob

    twoeyedbob Achiever

    May 9, 2014
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    good thread
  9. charlotte

    charlotte Postman

    Aug 12, 2013
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    I can certainly say that I have noticed a significant difference in my chest since switching to vaping, but as some have said that might well be down to the fact that I am no longer smoking.

    There is certainly a difference though, I have noticed in my close friend who when smoking he needs a new blue inhaler every week but when he's vaping he can go days without even needed to touch the inhaler.

    Regardless of if vaping is IMPROVING the athsma it is certainly an improvement over smoking and i think thats all that really counts
  10. Nidge

    Nidge Postman

    Aug 14, 2013
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    I can't see how vaping increases asthma? I've suffered with asthma for the best part of 30 years and being on numerous inhalers like Becotide, Serotide, and steroids, since I've been vaping it's disappeared, my readings on the peak flow have doubled, obviously my lung capacity has increased due to vaping, I can do things now which before I couldn't for example, five a side, before I was blowing out of my backside, now I can go a full 60 minutes without blowing out of my backside.

    While I agree smoking didn't help vaping has improved it no end. I no longer take the above drugs.
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