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Thinking of switching from smoking to vaping?

Discussion in 'Tobacco Harm Reduction' started by Scoff, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Motorheaded

    Motorheaded Achiever

    Oct 9, 2013
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    I want to change my banner!
    According to that, I will soon have saved my first grand, but it is more like £40 !

    The life change though, has been priceless. This community has played a big part in that. (The positive feelings, not just the shiny-spend) ;)
    And my daughter is vaping, and no longer smoking. That was a guilt that gnawed at me.
  2. Ninjaassasin1983

    Ninjaassasin1983 Veteran

    Oct 24, 2013
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    i've not lost anyone close to me through cancer but my grandad did have both legs amputated due to furring of his arteries he smoked 80 capstan full strength a day and in the end it got the better of him he died of respiratory failure.
  3. South Coast Vaper

    South Coast Vaper Premium Vendor

    Aug 2, 2014
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    We watched my Nan die of emphysema due to smoking. As she lay dying in the bedroom we took turns to pop out for a fag. I look back now and can't believe the sheer stupidity and lack of compassion in our actions. At the time (back in the early 90s) it just seemed so normal. I gave up smoking 8 weeks ago tomorrow. Through choice I have never smoked in front of my four kids and even though I love vaping I still pop out to the garden workshop to blow my clouds in there. I don't want to appear righteous but just trying not to normalise what I like to do in front of them. A powerful message in the video and can only hope it saves some poor unfortunate souls from going the same way.

    Here's one I made earlier using Planet of the Vapes
  4. Macmagoo

    Macmagoo Postman

    May 8, 2014
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    Don't think about it DO IT.
  5. stredon

    stredon Postman

    Feb 8, 2014
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    Look at it this way, why inhale numerous amounts of carcinogens just for the nicotine when you could vape instead without those carcinogens and still get the nicotine? The plus side to vaping, if you want to cut down you can do it in controlled measurements, 36mg, 24mg, 18mg etc...
  6. purpleloop

    purpleloop Initiate

    Feb 10, 2014
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    Absolutely brilliant, well done. Loving the car.
  7. taajsgpm

    taajsgpm Postman

    Jan 23, 2015
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    I did it if I can ANyone can... might take a while and couple fails but vape my freind it works
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  8. paullxxv

    paullxxv Initiate

    Jan 24, 2015
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    I tried everything on the market to quit smoking, patches, gum, plastic inhalers, quickmist, nasal spray, lozenges, if they sold it I tried it. I smoked for about 23 years. I'd attempt to give up every year, and fail at it, after my last attempt to give up I told the wife I was giving up (She groaned as she had to live with Mr GrumpyAngryObnoxiousBitchingBarSteward) But nodded politely, smiled and wished me luck. After day 2 I was stealth smoking while she was at work, at the gym, out with her friends, I was taking 6 showers a day and popping out for a smoke every time she wasn't going to be around for an hour. I even hid outside when she was semi paralytic on the sofa after her Christmas works do (She's not a drinker and went a bit daft one night, probably I drove her to it by "Quitting again") After a few months of this behaviour we had family come to visit for a week, and I had to work out a way to be able to not smoke, as everyone knew "How well my quitting smoking was going, I was a star, I was amazing, I was winning and I wasn't even grumpy most of the time, only after about 7pm. I'd finally beaten it......

    So I popped into the Tobacconist in town, they sold these disposable E-Cigarettes, I bought one, it was not bad, it took some of my grumpyness away, and allowed me to vape in the bathroom while family was about. They went home, I went back to stealth smoking and then one day I was wandering past the Tobacconist and the had refillable Ego E-Cigarettes in the window, £14, Liquid, battery, clearomizer and a USB charger. I thought why not. So I got one, I smoked real Tobacco while she was at work, and the Ego after 5pm. It worked really well, I was no longer grumpy after 7pm I had the best of both worlds, real cigarettes in the day, the Ego at night, she really really thought I'd cracked it this time, come new year we had friends around and everyone was remarking about how well I'd done, It was great etc etc. I felt like a right bar steward.

    I still continued with my behaviour for a few months, but over that two months I lost the appetite for real tobacco, the Ego won me over and I switched to it full time. It was great, something I thought I would never quit until I was 6 feet under. I am pretty sure without an E-Cigarette I would never have quit. I tried and tried and tried, probably 40+ attempts, maybe more.

    Give it a go, you can pick up a starter pack for the price of 40 Cigarettes or 50g of Golden Virginia. It worked for me and I am pretty sure nothing else would have, you get a throat hit, you get a taste. You get Nicotine, It wont ever taste like a real cigarette and you'll walk behind a smoker for a while thinking how wonderful it smells, but it passes, and you can do it.

    Its the best thing I ever did and used in regards to giving up the habit.

    Good luck and sorry this turned into an essay length post.
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  9. pierssy

    pierssy Postman

    Jan 8, 2015
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    A penny for Um

    I was a smoker for 45 years ish, during that time I had tried all manner of naughty substances hard and soft, as the years went by I managed to kick all of them but the bloody fags were stubborn, I don't think I could ever really face the thought of finishing with them. I used to think this is horrid it's killing me and for what? But never really tried to stop although the thoughts haunted me every time I lit up.
    Just before Christmas I had a little health scare, it came to nothing but it was a huge prod in the back. I had a small e-cig I had brought a year or so ago but never really used, so over Christmas I decided that the bag of bacci I had was going to be the last, oh boy did I eak that bag out. Once it had all gone I started using the e-cig but soon found out it was not going to cut the mustard so I did so hurried research and brought a bigger vaporiser and some 18mg liquid. And now it has been a month and no fags, I have become a bit obsessed with the vapor but that has to be better then smoking, it covers the nicotine craving and the actions of smoking including the sensations.
    I have lost the wheeze I had developed over the last 15 years, I don't stink and I have more money in my pocket.
    I would say give it a go you have nothing to loose really, but I would say get a device you can control and use different strength liquids in.
    Best of luck.
  10. kompo001

    kompo001 Postman

    Mar 23, 2014
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    Think you will find, if you asked her, that your wife knew you were still smoking due to the smell of the smoke.
    I have been vaping for over a year now, and my sense of smell is now fully working. My wife visits my daughter who smokes, and when I go to pick her up, I can smell the smoke on the wife.

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