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Could a flavour ban eventually make its way to the UK?

Discussion in 'In The News' started by vapable, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. vapable

    vapable Premium Vendor

    May 18, 2015
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    Here at @vapable, our main area of expertise is in e liquid production and we stock a full range of DIY mixing supplies including almost 1,000 different flavourings. Unsurprisingly then, we have been following recent events in the USA with a great deal of interest. Two weeks ago, the residents of San Francisco voted in favour of a ban on all e-liquid flavourings, which we commented on in our blog. This will have dire implications for San Francisco vapers and limit the choices for those people who are yet to make the switch away from smoking. Moves are also being made for similar flavour bans in New York and Chicago- except that the proposals currently being considered in those cities are even worse- e-liquid itself is under threat by a senate bill which “prohibits the sale or provision of any quantity of electronic liquid used to refill an electronic cigarette or cartridge.”

    Could a flavour ban eventually make its way to the UK? We would sincerely hope not and are encouraged by our government’s more relaxed attitude towards vaping in the UK where, despite the frequent media scare stories, the harm reduction potential of e-cigs is at last starting to be recognised. Nevertheless, we will be closely monitoring events and we will continue to be on our guard. To ban e-liquids and their flavourings in places where cigarettes are still widely available is nothing short of shameful.
  2. SirLugg

    SirLugg Legend

    Jan 31, 2016
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    I think it's highly, highly unlikely. Our government, for all their flaws, are championing vaping globally. I can't see any further enforcement that isn't there already being implemented personally. I think the end game will be to tax it, that is the British way after all, and in cutting the balls off it more than has been done already that would be difficult for them.

    It's also got a lot to do with how embroiled big T is in some of the US regions, normally the financial hubs. The likes of Phillip Morris and R.J. Reynolds hold a lot of clout over there, wheras Imperial tobacco and BAT people generally give less of a stuff about over here. So it's a different kettle of fish entirely and none comparable markets in my opinion.
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  3. WaitFor1t88

    WaitFor1t88 Veteran

    Nov 23, 2015
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    this pretty much sums it up,
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  4. Chapperz

    Chapperz Postman

    Mar 21, 2018
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    Didn`t realize you guys were on here - As a regular customer of yours - its good to see that you are.

    As with America, our government, has a lot invested in big tobacco via bonds. If the share price of these companies fall so do the bonds value and this causes a problem as when bonds are sold to people by the government they cash in value is guaranteed. Now throw in that big pharma is also loosing money and you have a nasty cocktail that leads to these kind of decisions.

    As you say, we are a little but more sensible, our most trusted research and medical trust(?) has confirmed it is 95% better, but this does not address the flavor issue as they say it encourages kids to take up vaping.

    Kids will always do stuff they shouldn`t - they get alcohol, drugs, cigs and vape stuff. Banning things is not right but it is a way that the Government can protect those interests mentioned above because 'We are protecting the kids guys'.

    If they try and ban ejuice flavors - I will be asking that they ban all flavors of alcohol as well and get myself stuck in to the whole advocacy thing.
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  5. vapellie

    vapellie Achiever

    Sep 26, 2015
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    Nothing would surprise me, but our government at least left us loopholes we can drive buses they through when they implemented the tpd, which makes me think they are not totally anti-vaping.

    Unless the EU manages to enforce a new law in flavours before we finally are done with this Brexit BS, I don't think the inclination not impetus is there to pursue it.

    We tend to be a little less dramatic than our cousins over the pond.

    So unless some chavvy brat starts suckling on a bottle of shortfill and the tabloids pick up on it, I think we are pretty safe.
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  6. The TPD/TRPR is full of holes because the people that drew it up had no clue in what they were doing.

    If they did ban flavours or tax liquid I would just make my own.
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  7. ObiWanVaponi

    ObiWanVaponi Achiever

    Mar 19, 2018
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    I'm a regular @vapable too so its great to see you here.
    How can they actually "ban flavours" though? I get they can pass a law to ban them, but surely you can just order it in from out of state? And what about DIY mixing? They can't ban the likes of Cupcake world, who as far as i can tell sell flavourings for cakes etc and it just so happens to be suitable for vaping.

    This reminds me of the "Alcopop scare" in the 90's in which Wetherspoons (who I was working for at the time) banned them because it was thought they were too attractive to kids (Wetherspoons completely forgot that under-18s were not allowed on their premises at that time, and even if they were, it would still have been illegal to sell to them.)

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  8. billy_idle

    billy_idle Achiever

    Oct 9, 2015
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    and making your own is really easy.
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  9. tony68

    tony68 Achiever

    Jul 9, 2016
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    Well If your the type of person who likes to vape stuff from The Custard Company then a flavour ban won't affect you at all. Donned the flame suit!:D
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  10. Smut

    Smut Veteran

    Dec 20, 2015
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    Maybe if we had privatized healthcare too we'd get some ridiculous laws, otherwise cant see it happening over here :)2
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