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Very Important!! Please read, Ecigs and the EU are going to go head to head AGAIN!

Discussion in 'Health and Legal Information' started by VapeMeStoopid, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Elvapote https://www.facebook.com/asso.elvapote
    about an hour ago
    TPD : the European Parliament had voted against medical regulation for ecigs on 8th October. That vote seems now threatened.

    Letter from Frédérique Ries, MEP, answering a support message from a French vaper, published on forum-ecigarette.com :

    Dear Sir,

    I'll take a brief moment to answer your question, in between voting during the Environment commission and a meeting about scientific research.

    Thank you for taking some time to write to me. I can assure you that all the support I get on that question really helps, and has been helping me since we started our work on that Directive a year ago.

    After being for a long time the only one to fight for another classification for ecigs, I have been able to convince a majority of my colleagues from the European Parliament. Today it is not only Frédérique Ries, not only the Liberals, it is the European Parliament as a whole that rejects the "pharma route" proposed by the Commission.

    And you know what ? I am not convinced it will be enough ! Negociations are in the Trilogue phase right now. I'll spare you the institutional jargon, that means that the text, after going through Health commission, then Plenary, is now being reviewed by 3 small delegations : one for the Commission, one for the E. Parliament (the 6 reporters of the text, including myself), and one for the EU Presidency, i.e. currently Lithuania.

    The second Trilogue took place last Tuesday, almost exclusively about article 18, i.e. the electronic cigarette. I came out of it appalled.

    The Lithuanian presidency, who supposedly talks in the name of the 27 other Health Ministers, is in an absolute blocking attitude, a resounding rejection, almost despise for anything but the medicine classification. According to the presidency, not one state member wishes anything else. I cannot repeat the words of the ambassador, we are bound to discretion until the final agreement is signed. Just maybe give you my feeling : I do not think Council yet realises that, for the European Parliament I represent here on that issue, it really is a red line. The commission, on the other hand, seems ready to negotiate an agreement.

    I wait and see.

    Churchill used to say the worst is not certain. What is certain however, is that the ministers are in complete "lag" and are making more than an error, a major mistake, by holding back the only true safer alternative to tobacco. And they do that in the name of the fight against tobacco, unbelievable ! I have trouble understanding how they can be so deaf to what millions of vapers citizens say, as well as scientific experts.

    Next Trilogue december 3rd. I'll keep you posted.

    Frédérique RIES,
    Member of the European Parliament
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  2. SMKD
  3. Getarep

    Getarep Postman

    Oct 26, 2013
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    When do the vapers get their chance to speak on this ?
  4. whipitup

    whipitup Achiever

    Feb 20, 2013
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    Via Twitter, and speaking to thier MP's and MEP's, get a group and take your fellow vapers along.

    Failing that write to youe MP's and MEP's.

    If we don't (care) vaping as we know it WILL end.
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  5. Grey Haze
  6. Getarep

    Getarep Postman

    Oct 26, 2013
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    One things for sure vapers aren't going to just sit there and take it

    We are persistant types and i'm sure there will be a fight back this time as last

    I don't know who that chap in the letter is or the guy with the twitter page

    Its frustrating tho because I thought a couple of days ago when the bbc did their piece that things were somewhat settled and looking possitive for now at least
  7. Truth: It will never be settled until the government gets their piece of the pie. They KNOW how much is to be made with this industry and the only way to get THEIR CUT of the profits is to hand it to Big Pharma or Big Tobacco and funnel it through taxes and regulations that don't do anything but kill us.

    And that is what they are doing...Killing us. If we aren't sick or dying, none of them make any money.
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  8. Dan Dan the vaping man

    Dan Dan the vaping man Achiever

    May 26, 2013
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    I wondered how long it would be till the greedy bastards found another way to make things go in there financial favour

    Didn't think it would be this soon :mad:

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  9. MrPT

    MrPT Postman

    May 2, 2013
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    I dont care if i have to start paying tax on the products i buy, just dont take it away for years to run clinicals.

    fine install a overview committee to regulate the industry installing strict production standards, that will stop the spate of exploding batteries being left on overnight and unattended.
    Fine install a trading standards policy to regulate the industry thus providing top notch standards and high quality juices, that will stop the poor quality 50% tap water stuff being sold on market squares across the country
    fine install a legal precedence restricting sales to over 18s only, sorry i am serious on that one no sarcasm here
    install a taxation policy that will probably make vaping more expensive than proper tobacco cause we only vape cause its cheaper anyway

    I will concede to all of the above, providing they then accept publicly the fact they have been wrong for the last 2 years, publicly apologise to all vapers internationally especially those in canada and australia for the damage their propoganda has caused and install proper training and education for new users in established phoenix centres.

    If after all of that we can finally be left in peace to vape away, then i will put up and shut up, although i will probably stay in this extremely grouchy sarcastic mood i am currently in
  10. AnnaLaw

    AnnaLaw Postman

    Dec 13, 2012
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    I didn't for one second think the battle was won when the EU parliament voted for the compromise amendment, which basically makes ecigs tobacco if under 30mg/ml and medicine if over. That was a poor compromise but the best we could get from the EU. But that had to be approved by the Commission and Council and it seems that the Council members are determined on the de facto ban of medicalization. Unfortunately this is the secret, undemocratic part of the EU so all vapers through the EU need a massive campaign to influence their own governments, particularly the juniors ministers of the Anne Soubrey type who listen to nobody but their WHO advisers. We also need to put pressure on our MEPs again to reject any watering down of an amendment that has already been watered down just to gain EPP support and get it through the parliament. We have no EPP MEPs in the UK, we have to concentrate on MEPs who have mostly been told by their leaders now to vote for medicalization by Jeremy Hunt (in a letter from Linda McAvan?) so we need our continental vaping brothers and sisters to join the fight again.
  11. Doofry

    Doofry Achiever

    Sep 17, 2013
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    I like how our government is totally pro EU unless they don't get their way (medicalisation of ecigs), then they say well sod that, lets do what we want anyway!
    They are all cockjugglingthundercunts, and the last person to go into the houses of parliament with honest intentions was guye fawkes!
    It makes my blood boil, and they have now made Anna Soubrey a defence minister, so we have idiots with fingers in lots of pies and not a clue!

    I am ranting again, sorry!
  12. u8myufo

    u8myufo Achiever

    Oct 1, 2013
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    #10 u8myufo, Nov 16, 2013
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