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My Lavatubes...

Discussion in 'Everything ECigs' started by VapeMeStoopid, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. So the lavatubes v1 were the first VV mods we had in our house. Sadly my princess died out and was fixed a few months ago. Then I ripped her guts out on accident. Then, the hubs lavatube finally bit it with the wires coming off of the 510 connection.

    Lee (EthelKing Tin Mods) got the husbands messed up LT for a quick solder jobby and I am happy to report that it is on it's way back to us and working a dream. The hubs will be ever delighted to have his "boy" back. Now, my little princess has been sat lonely in the juice box amongst empty bottles and the odd vape bit.

    I caused some more damage trying to get into the inside to pull the chip board out to no avail. Yet I know there could be some life in her yet.

    Tonight while PMing with Lee, he has decided to take on the challenge of bringing Princess LT back to life and converting her into a VV Tin Mod with all her guts and glory.

    I very proudly packed her up tonight in a bubble wrap envelope and even though I am a harsh, brash, and whatever other term you can think of for us Americans...there is a soft spot in my heart for my lil LT. So tomorrow, she will be sent off to her final fate. Either the VV Heaven or to be born again as a Tin Mod :)

    I have complete confidence in Lee and think he can pull it off with a bit of perseverance and determination. Lee, I hope she is not as difficult for you as she was for me :P

    Here she was in all her lovely drain pipe alike girly glory :D

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  2. OccultScientist

    OccultScientist Administrator Staff Member

    Jul 10, 2012
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    She looks lovely mate! Sorry to hear about her rough treatment but all good PVs need a good banging from time to time :)
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  3. Purplefowler

    Purplefowler Administrator Staff Member

    Jul 11, 2012
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    Don't we all :D

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