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More flavour inhaling residual vapour than from the mouthpiece!

Discussion in 'Everything ECigs' started by m1stergeorge, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Peeej

    Peeej Postman

    Jun 23, 2014
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    have a go at a differnet type of flavour befiore you give up with it and see...
  2. Cotton & Cable
  3. pdg

    pdg Achiever

    Oct 24, 2018
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    There are surprisingly large differences.

    I can put the same build and juice in different tanks and it's a completely different experience - and that's with unflavoured juice...

    One of the flavours I use (very lightly) is a lemon dessert type - in the simple EX rda it's very meh with the plastic cap, but nice with the metal cap (slightly different shape and size). This is with the same device, power, deck, coil and wick just swapping caps.

    Conversely, the plastic cap is better (for me) with a grape, and I can't tell much difference with unflavoured - which tastes different in the doggystyle.

    Weird, ain't it?
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