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Vapefest shopping list....what's on yours ?

Discussion in 'UK Vapefest' started by ianleeds, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. twisel

    twisel Postman

    Jul 2, 2015
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    Squonk... I now have 3 single battery squonkers so will be looking for something with a bit more power either 2x18650 regulated or maybe lipo??
    and I'm tempted to pick up a coilmaster ohms tester... the big one... I keep breaking the cheap little ones that cost £5-7. My coppervape squonker is nice but I seem to change the battery when it gets down to 70% as it becomes weak... maybe I'm not being daring enough and reducing my coil resistance??

    I've just made up another 1.8L of juice (in addition to the 900ml of custard I have left)... so I should be good for juice for a while ;)

    Edit: been looking into the squonkers and it seems like the drone may be the answer.. PM me if you see one at around £105 - £110 in a tent somewhere! or possibly the geekvape gbox s100 although it seems to be discontinued... may be a gearbest purchase after vapefest but pm me if you see one at around £50.
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