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ReservedCBD infused in Cotswold!

Discussion in 'CBD' started by ReservedCBD, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. ReservedCBD

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    Mar 13, 2019
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    The wait of ReservedCBD infused in lovely Cotswold eliquids are now on sale and avaliable online!! These are all original Cotswold recipes & have CBD & CBG blend already infused inside! 60ml of CBD Cotswold goodness in a bottle, Shake & vape!

    “ Hey Mr ReservedCBD! But what strenght are they per ml! “

    Good question & here your answers!

    The 300mg 60ml overall per ml CBD:CBG content is - 5.5mg per 1ml

    The 500mg 60ml overall per ml CBD:CBG content is - 9.2mg per 1ml

    The following wonderful creations that are now avaliable is:

    Strawberry Delight - A true cotswold original hit classic of fresh delicious strawberries mashed up with a creamy vanilla custard!

    Polar Night - From the costwold newer range of Stonewall we have the ever famous delciously haversted fresh berries with a touch of cooling mint which gives it a refreshing note to the taste buds!

    Siege - From the dark series of the Cotswold range, A sinister blend of strawberry and mango with a botanical twist, including a pinch of fresh mint and a touch of aromatic eucalyptus.
    Oh you read that right! Sounds odd but is different in way that really gets those taste buds excited!

    @Cotswold Vapour thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this incrediable adventure! Hopefully these are the best flavour pre-mixed CBD eliquid avaliable on the market!

    Order now! But do not forget your 10% off! POTV10


    Have a happy Easter and a fantastic weekend! Take care for now


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