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GIVE AWAY Giveaway and Coupons, Prize, Flash Sale - Elegomall Vape Carnival

Discussion in 'Competitions, Charity, and Give Away's' started by pheric, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. pheric

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    May 12, 2016
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    Elegomall Vape Carnival - Coupons, Prize, Flash Sale and Giveaway

    Hey Folks,
    Elegomall holds the Vape Carnival now. [​IMG]
    You can get the special coupon, surprise prize from Elegomall.
    Besides, you can get the cheapest flash sale items.
    If you prefer the free vape devices, you can take part in our Giveaway activity.
    Let us find some details about the big vape thing. [​IMG]

    Elegomall Vape Carnival


    1. You can get the special coupon from Elegomall
    Wholesale: 4% OFF
    Retail: $15 OFF (For order over $100)
    Valid Time: 9/13-9/30

    2. You can log in to get different prizes every day
    Check-in for 5 consecutive days and get maximum cash coupon $20 OFF.

    3. Flash Sale
    You can get the cheap and best vape devices in limited time from Elegomall.

    4. Hot sale products
    You can log in to add the hot items to your cart. Also, use the special coupon to get the hot and cheap vape gears.

    5. Break Golden eggs
    You can break golden eggs to get the points, discount coupons and free giveaway products.

    So crazy Vape Carnival!
    Get Coupons, prize, Flash Sale and Free Giveaway items now.

    Elegomall Vape Carnival

    Enjoy the Elegomall Vape Carnival and good luck to you
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