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How about SXK AVAT Style MTL/DL RTA and The Syclla Scylla Style MTL RTA

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Mods and Devices' started by TinaBryant, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. TinaBryant

    TinaBryant Initiate

    Apr 16, 2020
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    I have just bought a SXK BB mod kit. Now I get an advertisement which posted from the store. I found that a RTA is made by SXK too. The feeling of mouth to lung is so wonderful! To be honest, I really want to get more MTL things.

    Except the first picture show, the second MTL RTA called SXK The Syclla Scylla Style MTL RTA Rebuildable Tank Vape Atomizer seems not bad too.

    Has anyone ever used one of them? Does it taste okay?

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