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Foggatti Type 22 Genisis Atomizer

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Mods and Devices' started by vapist, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. vapist

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    Jul 11, 2012
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    Introducing my first genesis style rebuildable atomiser.

    foggatti Type 22
    The T22 is by namesake a 22mm wide atomiser specifically design to suit the majority of 18650 devices which are typically 22mm - 23mm

    It is made from three food grade materials top to bottom, Stainless Steel, Pyrex and PEEK plastic. has a 4.8ml liquid capacity while only standing at 51mm tall.

    Key feature of this atomiser are adjustable draw/airflow and a compact atomiser chamber designed to maximise density of vapour and more importantly create intense flavour that tends to get lost in the atomisers that have a large chamber

    Other features include interchangable bases. Bases can be swapped out for full tank protectors totally encasing the glass tank which will hopefully be available very soon with a selection of custom profiles for the windows. Also in the pipeline is a shorter centre post and tank option shortening the atomiser to under 40mm while retaining a capacity of over 2.5ml

    Alternative Bases will also be available soon that can be switched out for mod specific bases making a native connection in some devices or appearance of a native connection in other devices. all popular 22mm and 23mm devices should be catered for.

    Not happy with the Hybrid look? want the real deal?
    within the coming weeks you will be able to switch out the base for a native tube to create the foggatti t22 Hybrid, theres a few more secrets to this one though, so i'll leave you guessing a while [​IMG]

    There will be no lists. The type22 in its standard form will only be available from vapistvapourizes.co.uk. and should never be out of stock for more than a fortnight which is our current batch run time.
    I'm sure you'll agree, vapists customer service is second to none and for that reason he has sole distribution.
    First production run is currently in process and barring any major hiccups should hit the shelf within 14 days

    more information and product images to come in the next few days

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