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Brunhilde R(D)TA review

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Mods and Devices' started by Biochemist, May 2, 2019.

  1. Biochemist

    Biochemist Postman

    Nov 18, 2018
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    I see what you mean, but I am getting a great vape at 70W with all the heat and juice consumption that entails, which is lower than running at 100-120W! I am running dual Ni80 fused Claptons (homemade, I think they are 2x26+38), 3mm ID, 7 wraps each at 0.25Ohm and find that at 70W I can chain vape without a dry hit, or the cap becoming too hot to touch. Irrelevant point, how on earth does the Kennedy 25 never get hot?

    I think that's a point the Corona V8 shines, it is actually a 22mm chamber so it can work very well at 40W with simple round 316L, 10 wraps spaced at 0.25Ohm, for me at least.
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  2. The Electronic Cigarette Company
  3. ChrisS

    ChrisS Postman

    Feb 20, 2019
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    I'm currently doing 0.56ohms at 35 watts.
  4. Ment

    Ment Legend

    May 27, 2014
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    Yes, what I said doesn't apply to everybody - a lot of it is down to what you get used to and what style you prefer.

    There are people at work with Smok tanks designed for 80+ watts vaping at 40. They give me a mod to try and I don't get anything, and when they try one of mine they practically fall over.
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  5. IVG

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