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Readers who are building very low ohm coils must be aware of the risks in regards to batteries and inhalation.
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0.15 ohms. Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'Cloud Chasing & Sub Ohming' started by xibxang, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. JennyJ

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    Aug 27, 2013
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    Having managed to make a battery go bang, I can honestly say I'm not so afraid of batteries spontaneously going bang anymore. That's not to say I'm not cautious and prescribe to all the usual safety practices, but, I think we have too much fear that one moment everything will be fine and the next we will be an amputee with horrific facial scarring.

    It doesn't happen without warning, things get hot, and then if you're not using your mod and it's sat on the table firing (as mine was), things get even hotter. It gives off an odd smell.

    I managed to whip mine out of my mod, which had gone beyond warm, beyond ooo that's hot and was in the 'oh fuck that burns even through the few layers of my clothing I've just wrapped around my hand' stage ... The battery itself was even hotter.

    Now supposing my mod had not been firing away sat on the table... At what point if it had been in my hand would I have said to myself I should stop firing this? Granted several factors will affect the rate at which it all happens, how low your build is, how good your batteries are, the condition of your batteries etc

    So I'm not saying throw caution to the wind vape at 0.01 on shit batteries and hope for the best. I'm saying, so long as you don't get into the realms of ridiculous with your sub-ohming and you understand how to properly maintain your batteries- regularly test their output, charge them properly and don't run them too low, know how to visually check over your battery for signs of wear and tear, and you don't ignore what are some pretty obvious signs something isn't right... Then there is no need to have an undue amount of fear that you're going to, as people like to put it 'blow your face off' :)

    Oh and locking rings, on/off switches and 5 click locking systems - use them, and if they don't work so well or you don't trust them, take the battery out of your mod when you're not using it... <---- If I'd followed that and taken my battery out of my mod when I knew the locking ring was not so great, the poor Wallace and Gromit biscuit tin wouldn't have had to die :(
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  2. SMKD
  3. Chegs

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    Sep 15, 2013
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    I ceased using 18650's long before I started building super-sub-ohm coils,with the simple addition of a mosfet a dead short on my lipo packed box mod simply gave out an audible crack and ceased working.On investigation,the crack was the mosfet dying.After killing a few more mosfets,I decided to check the lipo pack as the mosfet expired and discovered it got.....fuck all difference in temperature.New mosfet was the ONLY requirement,the other components(switch/wires/510 etc were all okay)

    A quick search on youtube will rarely reveal any 18650's actually venting,but search for lipo packs & the results are really scary.
  4. Jonshaw78

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    Jul 25, 2014
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    Hey guys :newhere:
    In fact I only just built my first sub ohm coil.
    I'm interested to know if anybody has ever actually been hurt by a venting battery by cloud chasing?
    Or is it a scare tactic?
    I know it scientifically possible but has it happened enough to be a legitimate risk....
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