Strawberry Candy Pure VG

Pure VG juice, nice and sweet. I use aqueous glycerine rather than pure VG. This is ready made, with 15-20% purified water and 80-85% VG. 

I use a very high percentage of flavouring due to the lack of PG. If you're lucky enough to not be sensitive to PG and would like to use it in this recipe, I would suggest halving the percentage of each flavouring. 

I recommend a minimum 2 week steep for best flavour. 

Recipe details

Mix levels
Final Amount: 100ml
Final Strength: 3mg
Final PG/VG: PG: 0% / VG: 100%
Base Nicotine Strength: 20mg
Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 0% / VG: 100%
Strawberry (Ripe) (Kandi Hed) (VG): 8%
Sweet Strawberry (Kandi Hed) (VG): 5%
Raspberry (Kandi Hed) (VG): 5%
Marshmallow (Kandi Hed) (VG): 2.5%
Key Lime (Kandi Hed) (VG): 0.5%
Fruity Sherbet (Kandi Hed) (VG): 1%
Blackberry (Kandi Hed) (VG): 1%
Peach (Juicy) (Kandi Hed) (VG): 1%
Candy Floss (Kandi Hed) (VG): 1%
Bavarian Cream (Kandi Hed) (VG): 1%
Cream (Kandi Hed) (VG): 0.5%

How to mix

Weight details

The above recipe uses the default site weights for the grams calculation. You can change these on the settings page.

Base Weights
PG Weight: 1.038g/ml
VG Weight: 1.26g/ml
Nicotine Weight: 1.01g/ml
Ingredient Weight
PG Concentrate Weight: 1.07g/ml
VG Concentrate Weight: 1.038g/ml
Dilutant Weight: 1.00g/ml


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