Cosmic and Nut Milk



Recipe details

Mix levels
Final Amount: 10ml
Final Strength: 2mg
Final PG/VG: PG: 30% / VG: 70%
Base Nicotine Strength: 48mg
Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 100% / VG: 0%
Vanilla Custard (Perfumers Apprentice): 2%
Peanut Butter (Perfumers Apprentice): 1%
Vanillin 10 (Perfumers Apprentice): 2%
Hazelnut (Perfumers Apprentice): 2%
Marshmallow (Perfumers Apprentice): 3%
Graham Cracker (Perfumers Apprentice): 5%
Dairy/Milk (Perfumers Apprentice): 1%

How to mix


13th Nov 2016
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