Good blackjack 60/40 

Recipe details

Mix levels
Final Amount: 30ml
Final Strength: 2mg
Final PG/VG: PG: 40% / VG: 60%
Base Nicotine Strength: 72mg
Base Nicotine PG/VG: PG: 100% / VG: 0%
Black Licorice (Flavor West): 10%
Blackcurrant (Inawera): 1%
Black Cherry (Flavourart): .5%
Ws23: 2%

How to mix

Weight details

The above recipe uses the default site weights for the grams calculation. You can change these on the settings page.

Base Weights
PG Weight: 1.038g/ml
VG Weight: 1.26g/ml
Nicotine Weight: 1.01g/ml
Ingredient Weight
PG Concentrate Weight: 1.07g/ml
VG Concentrate Weight: 1.038g/ml
Dilutant Weight: 1.00g/ml


10th Jul 2020

Good blackjack 60/40