The Alchemists Cupboard

Established in 2012, The Alchemists Cupboard is home to the finest UK manufactured E-Liquids & DIY mixing supplies. Within our Magical Cupboard we offer over 150 E-Liquids, 300 One Shot Concentrates & 1500 Concentrate Flavourings from the leading manufacturers worldwide. Free UK delivery at £30.

All products within our cupboard that are imported, re-bottled or Manufactured by us, are done so within our Cleanroom Laboratory, ensuring your liquids are of the highest quality. Being the first company within the industry to show you how and where your liquids are made.

We are passionate Vapers at The Alchemists Cupboard and we prefer to lead the field than follow it, This means that every E-Liquid or Flavouring you buy from us is produced or sourced for its quality. It is our mission to provide our customers with the very best vaping experience possible, ensuring our product range is of the highest quality, yet affordable.

With Fast delivery times and exceptional customer service, we aim to cater for your every Vaping need and continue to bring you the very best of what’s available. We are originators of our craft, with over 8 years industry experience in making great E-Liquids and producing/suppling DIY mixing supplies. Its is our on-going mission to continue to provide only the very best products for many years to come.

Locally we have retail outlets operating under the name – The Norfolk Vape Co, so if you see one of our shops, pop in to say hello.

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