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Since starting over 8 years ago, SMOKO E-Cigarettes has stopped over 200,000,000 cigarettes from being smoked and our customers have saved well over £75m of their hard-earned money from literally going up in smoke!


Designed to deliver a realistic smoking sensation, easy to use “closed” devices, no leaking, no messy refilling, small and discreet design and most importantly all of our e-liquids, flavours and ingredients are proudly Made in the UK! Many “closed” system brands rely on Chinese-made ingredients – so with SMOKO – you know it is quality you can trust!


With customers in over 25 countries around the world, amazing 5 star Google reviews and amazing customer service, SMOKO E-Cigarettes is one of the UK’s premium brands of e-cigarettes.


With 2 distinct styles – there is an e-cigarette to suit the needs of any adult smoker looking to make a change!

The SMOKO E-Cigarette is designed to look like a cigarette, delivers a super realistic smoking sensation and uses our UK-Made E-Liquids with a 80% PG / 20% VG blend ensuring you get an authentic and satisfying “throat hit”


The SMOKO VAPE is a slightly larger and more powerful device which uses industry leading ceramic coil technology. Coupled with our authentic E-Liquids that are Made in the UK, the SMOKO VAPE is popular with first time vapers and experienced vapers looking for a change from larger devices.


SMOKO also has a great range of 50% PG / 50% VG E-Liquids in a wide range of flavours and strengths – perfect to use in any refillable device for people looking for a stronger “throat hit” but on a lower power output!


With a great selection of E-Cigarette and VAPE starter kit deals, there is definitely one to suit your needs!

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