Reserved CBD

ReservedCBD was founded in 2018 in a small market situated right in the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales. We are a small team that consist of the 3 of us, But don’t allow this to fool you, We believe in quality & standards.
We have a full clean room set up done properly with ULPA filter, wipe down room, with all correct protective clothing to ensure we are not only bringing you a quality product! But a clean one.

Why are we different to other CBD companies?

If you’ve not guessed we are CBD users ourselves, Not only does It contain cbd but has a key compound that is require CBG ( please check google for CBG ;) ) The other main issues we found for ourselves was the carrier oils being inside CBD vape additives and not to mention the soily earth taste that followed! We have managed to eliminated both these things! We bring you a crystal clear clean product with no soil taste! So when you add this to your favourite liquid it will not affect the taste at all!

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