Jack Rabbit Vapes

Jack Rabbit Vapes (JRV) is a premium UK E-liquid manufacturer, first established in Oxford by two life long friends and vape fanatics. 

Since 2015, Josh and Toran have prided themselves on making unique and complex flavours. Designed with a layered approach to highlight certain notes during the inhale and exhale, the liquids provide an authentic taste and luxury experience.  

JRV began as a very small project, primarily producing liquids for friends and family members. Concerned with the number of sweeteners and potentially harmful elements in liquids available on the market, the founders wanted to ensure every ingredient in the product was carefully selected and of the absolute highest quality to offer a true reflection of the replicated flavour. After receiving phenomenal  feedback JRV decided it was time to share their products with the world.

After investing heavily on full emissions testing, MSDS certificates, and certificates of conformity, they were ready to hit the road providing high quality, complex, authentic and delicious product, made in a true British fashion.

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