IQ Vape

Who are we?

We are a young company making vaping devices, e-liquids and accessories for those who have made the decision to stop smoking. Our mission is to make your transition from cigarettes to mods as smooth and simple as possible.

Our products

We make vaping devices for those who are struggling to quit smoking. All our mods are compact, discreet and really easy to use — there is no learning curve as with standard vaping gadgets — and this means you can get started right away. Our device line-up includes:

IQ Air is the lightest, thinnest and most subtle of our mods meant as the first step to breaking your smoking habit. With easily changeable disposable pods, a variety of delicious flavors and

IQ One is meant for those who have already acquired the taste for vaping and want to explore it further. IQ One is compatible with both Nic Salt and free-base juices and will let you customize draw tightness and vapor production.

IQ Viva will keep you informed. Featuring a mini battery indicator, it will tell you when it’s time to charge up. The pod offers superior mouth-to-lung flavour delivery and lets you pick between 3 voltage levels.

All our pods use our custom-made Nic Salt and free-base juices available in several nicotine levels going all the way down to nicotine-free.

Final thoughts

We understand that going from smoke to vapour can be overwhelming — and we know that there are certain lifestyle elements about smoking that you may want to keep. Our job is to give you the tools, the comfort and the time to make an informed once-and-for-all transition.

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            Michelle (Purplefowler)
Purplefowler (Michelle to her friends) bought her first vaping device on 14th July 2011 and hasn’t smoked since. Being a bit nerdy, she started looking online for advice on general vaping and found some good U.K. forums who were mostly populated with bearded real ale drinkers with holes in their hand knitted jumpers and geeky women (michelle was one of the latter as her beard growing skills were lacking!).