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DampFabriek.com, premium online vape shop, has relocated its warehouse to the UK

Ingredients of a successful e-business

Damp Fabriek is an online vape shop based in the UK, highly specialized in electronic cigarettes and e- liquids.

Due to Brexit, the website, which was acquired by a UK Company, has decided to move its warehouse, originally in the EU, to its headquarters in the United Kingdom.

A bit of Vaping History

Around the year 2003, Vaping became a worldwide trend, with many people searching for a solution to the different needs in e-cigarettes and e-liquids: avoiding toxins derived from tobacco combustion, eliminate or gradually reduce nicotine intake, substituting tobacco products with flavored e-juices (sold both with or without nicotine), or quit smoking.

A wide community of vaping enthusiasts, known as “Vapers”, started to grow. Exchanging opinions and reviews on social media or specialized forums with thousands of subscribers in every possible language. Beginners prefer ready-to-use smoking devices and disposable cartridges while vaping “geeks” or “pro vapers” can mount their device piece by piece and mix “Do-It-Yourself” liquids (for custom flavor and/or nicotine intake).

As demand grew, so did the offer, and Vapers kept browsing the net looking for information and products they could not find at their local shop.

Sometimes, big changes also bring new opportunities:

Through the new warehouse “Dampfabriek.com” is now able to offer an even wider range and bigger stock of products. Next to that, new products are being added now more often than ever. Customers will have the chance to choose between numerous vaping devices and a wide range of e-liquids with sophisticated flavors like tropical fruits and cocktails, desserts, coffee brews, and tobacco aromas.

DIY savvy customers will enjoy a free nic booster with every shortfill and a 10% discount for the purchase of “2” or more shortfills.

Shipping from the UK to EU

VAT-free shipping is now available on the website for customers outside of the UK.

Shipping in the UK

Next day delivery is offered to UK customers when ordering before 2 pm on business days.

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