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Our mission is to bring you the best vaping products at the best prices that we possibly can.  We are vapers and we want to make sure that we help to get as many people away from cigarettes as possible - our aim is to keep our prices keen and our customers happy - both with price and level of service!

We have a great range of stock and we're always adding new items so come and check us out to see if you can get a good deal through our site.

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8th Aug 2018
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Range is a bit antiquated.

11th Nov 2018
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innoken  t18e

13th Nov 2018

So r

            Toby Kilroy
Published by Toby Kilroy
Toby set up Planet of the Vapes in 2012 after another major vaping site was taken down. With a history in web development and running websites for clients he was well placed to use his previous knowledge to build and run a site on the scale of POTV.