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Recipe Namesort descending Strength Created By Date Posted
Andes Dark Choco Mint 18mg 19/01/2013
Apple and Blackcurrant Nom 18mg OccultScientist 07/12/2012
Atomic Fireball 0mg BulletTooth 20/03/2013
Banana Nut Bread 18mg mary_d 08/12/2012
Banana Split 6mg purplefowler 09/12/2012
Birthday Cake 18mg meems-VapeBook 12/12/2012
Black Forest Gateau 18mg zigackly 16/08/2013
Blister in the Sun 0mg Merino Teflon 24/07/2013
Boston Cream Cheesecake 18mg cloudkat 08/12/2012
Calipitter Shag 18mg zigackly 25/08/2013
Capella - Blue Berry Muffin 18mg 19/01/2013
Cherry Menthol 6mg purplefowler 07/12/2012
Choblacco 18mg zigackerly 05/09/2013
Chocolate Forest Nuts 15mg jrob3rts 01/02/2013
Choconut Custard 9mg zigackly 05/02/2014
Cinnamon Apple Fritter 18mg 19/01/2013
Citrab 12mg Bootneck 06/08/2013
Citrus cheesecake 18mg Cobra3164 07/03/2013
Citrus Refresher 0mg emba 17/03/2013
Coconut Ice 18mg ZD-Vapes 09/06/2014
Cold Busting Menthol Blowout 18mg OccultScientist 07/12/2012
CreamPie Suprise 14mg jrob3rts 09/01/2013
Creamy Peanut Butter Cup 18mg 19/01/2013
DV3 Canada Salute 20mg AnnaLaw 17/03/2013
Fisherman's Friends 18mg Gilliandrea 07/02/2014
Frahootle 18mg Monkey McFlinger 21/09/2013
Fruity Sweet Creamy Nuts 18mg jrob3rts 09/01/2013
Grants Vanilla Custard "Clone" 0mg Posted by Grant before he was famous 24/01/2014
Holey Mint 0mg Antwilk1981 19/01/2014
Hopscotch 18mg mikecup 08/12/2012
KMS Lemon Batter 0mg KMS 25/08/2013
KMS-VC Version1 18mg KulrMeStoopid 19/01/2013
KMS-Y4 0mg KulrMeStoopid 26/12/2012
Lemon Custard 18mg Bootneck 06/08/2013
Maple Vanilla Cream or X14 30mg Ben 18/08/2013
Mediterranean Sundance 18mg JKBonin 08/12/2012
Melongrass 10mg Daffs 31/12/2013
Non-More Black Licorice 0mg Merino-Teflon 22/05/2013
Peachzilla 9mg zigackly 12/03/2014
Pink lemonade 6mg purplefowler 09/12/2012
Seedy’s Cherry Choons 18mg Seedy 21/11/2013
Smoked Apple 13mg Br0kenRabbit 30/12/2012
Smurfberry / Papa Smurf 18mg 19/01/2013
Spiced Vanilla Custard 10mg Nelliescroggit 17/10/2013
Strawberries and Cream 18mg zigackly 26/10/2013
Strawberry waffles 6mg purplefowler 07/12/2012
Super Concentrated Ethyl Maltol 18mg KMS 07/02/2013
Sweet Apple 15mg jrob3rts 01/02/2013
Sweet Banana & Black Walnut 18mg zigackly 24/10/2013
Sweet Berries and Cream 10mg Antwilk1981 10/12/2013
Sweet Chocolate Balls 15mg jrob3rts 11/01/2013
Teflon’s Tasty Tangballs 0mg Merino-Teflon 10/09/2013
Vanilla Butter Mint 18mg debb-Vapebook 12/12/2012
Vanilla Custard Minus the Pastry 0mg KMS 12/03/2013
Yellow Cake Batter 18mg 19/01/2013
Zombie Hunter 0mg Zombie Juice 02/04/2014
Zombies Bounty 0mg jandgcore 07/04/2014